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    Hi Folks

    I have been attempting the candida diet for 2/3 weeks now (depending how you look at it).

    Initially I started out taking oil of oregano without really doing the diet. However, after an experience of intense die-off that culminated in a horrific panic attack, I quit taking the oil of oregano and, finding that i had become highly reactive to many foods not on the list, started the diet described on the main website without any cheating whatsoever.

    I have now been doing that diet for about 11 days and have had fluctuating die-off. At first I felt sort of flu like (I say sort of because it felt more bizarre than that), fatigued and anxious. Then my energy levels picked up a bit and I started feeling better. I began taking probiotics and now I feel so heavy and awful. I have intense brain fog, I feel fatigued, my mood is low and I am generally feeling very frustrated.

    I am taking vitamin C and milk thistle. However, google has not been my friend in all of this and I am doubting what I am doing at every turn. I have read a lot of stuff indicating that I won’t ultimately feel better doing a candida diet and at the moment I feel about 100 times worse than I ever did before. I’m reading so much conflicting information on the internet with some people saying ‘it happens like this’ then others saying ‘no its actually this’ and then more yet saying ‘no you’re getting it all wrong this is your real problem’.

    I feel like I am trapped in this diet now because eating anything not on the list makes me feel awful, however the diet it also making me feel awful. I just want to cry. To top it off I am meant to be back in work on Monday after taking a week off sick. I just don’t see how I am going to be capable of doing that.

    Does anyone have any words of advice for me? Also might it still be beneficial to undertake the diet without using any probiotics or anti-fungals?


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    Hi cheesey,
    I too followed the website diet at first, you need to ask able900 for the strict version of his diet. This link is the protocol to follow: https://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst1334_From-Able-and-Raster-The-Protocol.aspx It tells you to 1st take molybdenum before antifungals like oregano. It can be overwhelming but when you see symptom improvement it is worth it.


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    It sounds like you are experiencing die-off symptoms and are doing nothing to protect your liver and kidneys from the toxins released when candida dies. Actually milk thisle does this, so take a bunch of it.

    It also sounds like you may have leaky gut which is worsening by the probiotics/antifungals.

    Vitamin C is great for detoxing and is quite important.

    If you were to sweat out the toxins via the skin, the bodies largest organ, this can completely reduce die-off symptoms. You can do this by going to a sauna, steam room, hot tub, jacuzzi, or even taking a hot bath.

    You have become allergic to the foods you once ate and you didn’t know this before starting the diet.

    We developed a strict forum food list that removes most bad food items. The website diet is not strict enough and can still feed the beast and thus make you feel bad. If you are eating things such as rice, nuts, fruit, beef, etc. this can all set back your progress.

    I would at the least take the probiotics but if you want to stop antifungals, this is fine as well.

    If you want to feel as good as possible as soon as possible, I would consult a naturopath who can likely reduce the burden on your liver and kidneys with specific supplements such as milk thistle x, molybdenum, etc.



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    When you get into severe die-off, you need to stop antifungals and if you are taking a lot of probiotics you just reduce them a little. Do this until you get better. Then wait for everything to stabilize and reintroduce antifungals slowly. Of course, take moly at least three days before the first dose.

    You should not have such a severe die-off, all those toxins are doing damage to your kidneys and liver. Do as much as you can to protect them by adding molybdenum (look up the forum for the right kind etc.) and take it slower next time. There is no point in beating candida if you damage your organs while doing this.

    Take things slow and as you get better, you should be able to reintroduce some foods back into your diet. First you reduce your symptoms with some antifungals, then you rebuild your flora and repair the leaky gut. Look at the forum’s protocol, there is tons of good information there. And best of all, it was written by people who are healed or symptom free. The second one sounds great to me, let alone being completely healed! I am 90% symptom free and working towards 100% 🙂

    Best of luck to you!



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    Thank you all very much for your responses. My die off has eased somewhat recently and I am finding keeping up with life a lot easier at the moment than I had been a few weeks ago! 🙂

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