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    To beat candida, you have to clean ur liver


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    Diet is important but not the aim… if u stay on diet for years, once u stop it candida will come back…once the intestines and liver are clean, the whole body will become stronger and cleaner…
    Drink plenty of clean water, and stay on nutritious diet..
    (Bee pollen, dates, almonds, lots of fruits…etc)
    I overcame candida this way!
    Good luck


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    Also, i have a good recommendation…drin RegulatPro bio…
    It is amazing…even if a litttle expensive…
    It cleanse the body and is anibacterial and antifungal…highly alcalising…


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    Hello mariannefadel,

    I am interested in knowing a bit more about it, today is my 4th day of the diet, still on the cleanse step, and I was expecting to notice either my symptoms to worsen or improve, but I do not feel anything..

    I am confused because in principle I do not feel any differece to how I was feeling before starting the treatment (bloating, headache, skin acne, tiredness all day long, etc).. And this does not give me so much motivation.. I have been doing everything I should do, including drinking the totally disgusting detoxifier drink.. Should I in fact feel some candida die-off symptoms if it is working or how can I feel if it is indeed working?

    You said you overcame it completely, did you really? can you eat more or less normal now? Did you do this ultimate candida diet?

    Thank you in advance, I feel very confused and this drags my motivation away..

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