I have several food intolerances. What to eat?

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    I have had bad gut issues for a while, which mostly resolved after food intolerance testing. I need to completely avoid almonds, potatoes, and white beans. I should also avoid milk (casein), egg whites, and peas, but can have a small amount every five days or so. I also need to be careful with FODMAPs. Too much meat, fat or vegetables gives me awful stomach pain and gas– I tried paleo last year it was awful for my gut.

    My yeast has been under control for a while, but I just had a course of antibiotics. Does anyone have any ideas for what I can eat? I am also cooking for my family so it needs to be family friendly. We have been eating a lot of things like chicken soup with veggies and rice noodles, sprouted grain bread with coconut oil, seeds and nuts for snacks, avocado and raw veggies. But I’m getting bored. Help!

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