I Have Been Taking Kefir For Weeks, And Today I Am Allergic To It.

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    Hi Every One,
    Last week I came allergic to coconut milk. I have been taking kefir, for weeks and lots of it.
    Because I am going to have surgery next month, and trying to build up by probiotics. I have also build up my probiotics to 100 per day,and still increasing it,as I was advice by Able.
    I am very disappointed that I became allergic to kefir. My leaky gut is really playing me up.
    I read on the forum. Dated April 14,2013. Able gave a Rank Member train21, advice what to do.
    I will be starting that from tomorrow. I am also on the strict diet, and I am following the Protocol. Is their any other thing I can take to help heal my gut. In the mean time.
    I know that I have friends that I can turn to for help, you are ALL MY FRIENDS.
    Thank you all.


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    You need to reduce the inflammation if your leaky gut is getting worse. It likely isn’t the kefir that is causing the inflammation but other stuff in your diet or your digestion. If your digestion becomes sluggish then this will benefit the yeast and thus make leaky gut worse.

    If you drink coffee this is highly-inflammatory and will make the leaky gut worse. Coconut milk is also highly-inflammatory.

    What foods are you eating that are anti-inflammatory? If you were to eat salmon, broccoli, spinach, green tea, pumpkin, artichokes, etc. these are highly anti-inflammatory foods.


    If you were to get fermented or regular cod liver oil, this will greatly reduce the inflammation. There are more anti-inflammatory supplements out there.



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    Hello, Rosie.

    Just because you became allergic to kefir doesn’t mean your leaky gut or the inflammation is getting worse. This only means that kefir is one of the foods which managed to leak through one of the tiny permeated areas of the intestines and enter the bloodstream which causes allergic reactions. With leaky gut you can literally become allergic to any food any time you eat, and this is regardless of how bad the inflammation is. This is because inflammation is just a response by your body to an illness or injury, and it’s actually a signal that your body is trying to heal itself. You can’t make the inflammation go completely away until the leaky gut has healed, and that won’t happen until the fungal Candida has been changed back to a benign form of yeast. Nevertheless, you can do things to lessen the effects of inflammation.

    Following the advice I gave to Train is a good idea, I’m glad you found the post and have decided to implement the plan.

    The diet you’re on is an anti-inflammatory diet, but Raster’s idea of eating foods such as pumpkin may cause additional problems with your infestation.

    Omega 3 oils contain a substance which will slow down the immune system’s inflammation response to allergens, and the ‘oily’ foods on the diet are full of omega 3 oil. Chia and hemp seeds are just two examples. Taking a supplement of omega 3 can also help with the inflammation effect (take after a meal).

    In addition, you’ll want to continue to take and possibly increase your coconut oil because it’s so high in lauric acid. This fatty acid is highly anti-inflammatory, and in fact it’s the same nutritional fat that’s found in a mother’s milk.

    Continue as you have been, Rosie, because as long as you’re avoiding food for the Candida the infestation will not increase in size, and the probiotics will eventually cause the population to slowly decrease in size even though you may not notice much of a difference day by day because, as we all know it’s a very, very slow process.



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    Hi Raster,

    Thank you for your advice. I am on the strict diet, and protocol that I received from Able. I do not drink coffee. I only drink organic chicory coffee 100%.
    I taking 1000mgs cap cod liver oil daily. Can I increase that does.

    Thank you once again.



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    Hi Able;

    Thank you very much for your advice, also for the strict diet and protocol, which I am strictly following. You explain things so good and easy to understand. I am having Chia and Hemp Seeds on a daily basic. I am also taking 1000mgs cod liver oil daily, But I will look for a supplement with omega 3 oil and take it after meals as you advice.

    I have also started the plan that you gave Train today. But I have to wait until Monday for the Ashwagandha caps, They was not in stock. I am determined to stay on the strict diet and protocol, because it is for my own good.
    Once again thank you, for your hard work, also every one of you who are helping us.


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