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    Just over a year ago I had unprotected sex with a woman. The next morning I had a burning/tickling sensation in the head of my penis. I thought it was a UTI. A week and a half later I noticed that I had pain in my testicles and after 2 weeks I had pain in my back/kidneys. I got tested for all std’s. So did the woman I slept with. We both came back negative for everything except that the girl i was with had a mild yeast infection after a round of antibiotics. My GP gave me Cipro and some other antibiotics and nothing helped. I was reffered out to a urologist. He prescribed me other antibiotics and uroxitrol. Nothing helped. I had a cystoscopy and he found nothing. The cystoscopy was one of the worst experiences of my life. I am 34 and I cried like a little girl during it and I was paralized by the pain in the couple of days that followed. I then had a bladder ultasound and nothing was found. My uro was stumped and out of ideas. He told me that I probably had an allergy to condoms and sent me on my way.

    I knew that wasnt the problem. At that point I just decided that I was going to live the rest of my life like this. Over the months following I have developed other symptoms. I developed a nasty battle with reoccuring jock itch rashes, itchy scalp, and I have developed allergies to some foods I have never been bothered by before, including mushrooms.

    At this point I feel as if I might be battling a pretty nasty candida problem. The worst part is I said it could be a yeast infection to both the docs I have seen and they dismissed my theory without a second thought. I have been on CandiCleanse and doing the candida diet for the past 2 weeks and have not seen any progress. I am 5’9″ and was 158 lb when I started and now I weigh 139 lb. I am wasting away to nothing and have no energy due to no carbs at all. My diet has been pretty much fish, chicken, avacado and green vegetables.

    I cant find anything documenting that a man can get this type of infection through sexual transmission.

    Any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated. Is there a cleanse or detox on the market that can target ridding the urinary area? Please help


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    Quote: I can’t find anything documenting that a man can get this type of infection through sexual transmission.

    If you believe it’s possible, go ahead and say it, no one here is going to argue with you. For one, I believe it’s more than just possible.
    If you have oral thrush (Candida of the mouth) and kiss someone, you can’t actually give them Candida. However, some of the fungi could be transferred from one mouth to another when kissing. And everyone, even individuals without a Candida infestation, has a certain amount of Candida yeast in their body and mouth, so if the level of yeast in the person’s system and mouth is higher than what is considered ‘normal’ then it’s logical that the increase in fungi could make all the difference that is needed to develop a Candida overgrowth. It’s also logical that the same can be true for intercourse.

    It’s a lot to take in, but if you take the following instructions one day at a time, and not try to remember everything at once, you can do it. This will get you on the right path to a cure.



    Candida Man
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    Having very similar symptoms. Tingling and pain in the tip of my penis. Sometimes the meatus gets a little irritated and red. Perennial pain. Tested negative for all stds. Had ultrasound of bladder and finger wave and psa test, all normal. Uro scheduled cystoscopy but I cancelled it, for now anyway. Been on candida diet for several weeks now. Not crazy strict though I still eat quite a bit of brown rice and brown rice cakes. Just startled a 30 ppm colloidal silver solution yesterday 1 tsp every 8 hrs. Been taking probiotic, apple cider vinegar, grape seed extract and cinnamon. Still hurting. Problems started after 2 courses of antibiotics for sinus infection. Please help!!


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    I think its possible for it to be sexually transmitted. me and my partner have passed it back and forth for 3 years.
    you will feel terrible because the balance in your body is out. until you get it back you will have these symptoms. you are on the right path so dont despair, the fact you say you have just finished some antibiotics means they have probably wiped out the remaining good bacteria that where keeping you on a par. the same thing happened to me.
    keep on with the diet and try to be patient because sadly its not going to right itself overnight.
    I havent found a doctor yet that believes candida overgrowth is possible in previously healthy people, not unless they have cancer or HIV> I lost faith in the medical profession last year.
    I also was ill for the first 6 weeks of the diet before i started to feel it working so dont despair. you will be on the road to good health


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    Candida Man wrote: Been on candida diet for several weeks now. Not crazy strict though I still eat quite a bit of brown rice and brown rice cakes … Please help!!

    Your case is one of the easier ones to figure out as far as why you’re not getting better any quicker. The giveaway statement is above.
    So I have to ask, what else does your diet consist of on a daily basis?

    Also, what is the brand name and count of your probiotic? How often do you take it, and do you take it on an empty stomach?

    Why are you taking grape seed extract?



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    So leave it to me to dredge up posts from six months ago, but was just wondering if anyone had come to any more definitive conclusion on this topic as obviously I have it, and my girlfriend has been displaying symptoms for some time now as well. Does anyone have a for sure answer regarding the safety of kissing and sex?

    Neither of us have oral thrush so the kissing seems like it could only potentially cause small irritation of maybe some watery eyes etc but let me know if someone has some good advice that’s sound. Thank you

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