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    I’ve been on the candida diet for about 3.5 weeks and am battling bad leaky gut and healing from celiac damage.

    I’m keeping my daily carb grams to a minimum without being in the rage of falling into ketosis. I’ve been eating a lot of coconut bread, coconut oil, nuts/seeds, etc, vegetables, fish and chicken, on occasion.

    The trouble is, I’m still losing about 1/2 pound a day.It’s almost like I can’t absorb properly. I have some undigested food in my stool and it’s getting harder for me to stay strong.I’ve dropped from 121 to 108. My muscles tremble badly and I have terrible neuropathy.

    I’ve been taking slippery elm to work on reducing the inflammation in my leaky gut.I’m wondering if it would be safe to add a ” safe grain,” like quinoa, to help me stop losing so much weight. Would that be safe or would that irritate leaky gut even more?? I have found I had an allergic reaction to eggs with my leaky gut so those are out for the time being. Any suggestions would greatly help. Thank you!


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    You definitely need to be treating the leaky gut if you are passing undigested food. Read the post about treat ing leaky gut, link below.
    If I had leaky gut, I wouldn’t add any grains at all. Buckwheat isn’t a grain, so you might try making some bake goods using it. You’ll probably find some recipes on forum. You can also substitute buckwheat for the coconut flour in bread.

    I see you’ve added coconut oil; how much are you taking at this time? Also how are you incresing the amounts? The oil can definitely help you gain weight or at least stop your weight loss.



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    I had undigested food passing through my bowels when I got a colon cleanse but not at home with my regular bowel movements. I proved a couple months ago with a l-glutamine product by renew life called the leaky gut solution(it came with probioitics and fiber pills as well) and eating boiled vegetables with animal protein. I lost around 20 lbs in two weeks so I know the feeling. But during a recent colonic the hydrotherapist could not see any undigested food and my diarrhea has improved. I hope this helps you.


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    I feel that you need to chew your food longer so that larger particles don’t make it through your digestive system undigested. I noticed some of the foods not on the forum list cause digestive issues with me like carrots, rice, etc. You may want to consider restricting your diet more to see if their any improvement.

    I have a chew your food post on the forum if you want to check it out.

    I’ve been dealing with this problem throughout my treatment and the main thing that causes it is not chewing my food enough. Try to chew each bite 20-30 times.



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    Sorry I wasn’t able to get back until now. I found that many of my new and scary symptoms are a result of going into ketosis.

    Since I increased my carb intake, I have been doing much better. Thanks!

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