I am using the nicotine patch to quit smoking, but apparently nicotine feeds the yeast..

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    Nicotine replacement really seems to make quitting seem like something I can do. Ultimately, I think the major lifestyle changes take time and the body will come back into balance without such extreme reactions of the “NO CHEAT!!!!!” Variety like I am inclined to participate in. If I can quit smoking, I’m pretty sure ill feel like I can do anything. I definitely notice that I have cravings for sweets immediately when I quit smoking, also that when I quit smoking I get incredibly gassy and it smells super bad. Directly related somehow- as I have attempted to quit several times always with the same immediate side effects. I don’t notice that it is a consistency for all people who quit smoking, but I’ve been following a lot of my symptoms to the Candida category. Kombucha makes a great probiotic drink called gingerade. I’ve been having spinach blended with water for breakfast, water, gingerade and fish and veggies with the nicotine patch. Hope I’m not being a holistic weirdo!:) and I hope I can stop the cycle of fungal disgust. It literally makes me sick to think about it. 🙁 my poor belly guts.


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    The best way to quit smoking: Don’t buy it anymore. It’s that simple.
    The same goes for the things you may not eat.
    I don’t smoke, so I don’t know what that addiction is like, but most of us went through ‘sugar withdrawal’. I think a short pain is the best solution.
    Nicotine patches are not really likely to help you since nicotine is the addictive component of cigarettes.


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    I just quit smoking 10 weeks ago after smoking 15 years or half of my life. I used homeopathic remedies to help me quit. I recommend just quitting cold turkey without a patch…that patch continues to make you addicted. I’d recommend e-ciggarrettes instead of the patch. The patch contains a variety of chemicals in it…the chemicals are so potent that some kids take the patch, open it up, and smoke it. This can kill you and is dangerous.

    The first week is the worst and the cravings should last about 3 weeks or so and then it will gradually decrease to no cravings within 6 weeks.

    I used the cravings to fuel my motivation to quit because isn’t fun.

    I recommend consuming fruit while getting over it…to help with blood sugar. For me, low blood sugar was a trigger.


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