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    I am desperate for some motivation. I am only 21 and have sufferred with endless candidia symptoms for over 4 years. Finally I was told to go on this diet and have been sticking to the diet about 60% for the last 8 weeks. I understand the only way I will see a difference is by doing this 100%. Any suggestions on how to stay motivated?


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    Hi, Niki.

    Wow, 60% … and you’re saying that the reason is because you’re not motivated to cure the Candida that has held your body captive for four years?
    Is that because the Candida isn’t bothering you enough to cause you to go all the way with the diet?

    So you’re thinking you can’t find the motivation. I can say that all I needed for motivation was the thought that one day I’d be rid of the beast that was keeping me from enjoying life 100% – which was what I had been used to for my entire life.
    I guess you could say that the idea of no longer enjoying life to its fullest was not acceptable for me, and therefore all the motivation I needed.

    I guess that doesn’t work for everyone. So, since I can’t think of a motivation that could possibly be stronger than simply wanting to be in perfect health and enjoy life to its fullest, I have to say that I have no idea how to motivate you.

    Sorry, but I really do hope you find that motivation, and soon.


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    Hi, there 🙂 I think everyone has to have their own, personal motivation. Not sure anyone can tell you what yours should be. I would say, though, to take some time – alone, if possible – to relax and really think about what you want. Do you want to keep eating “normal” foods more than you really want to get well? If the answer is “yes”, ask yourself why. If you decide that you want to get well *more* than you want to eat normal foods, I’d say still ask yourself “why?” 🙂 Knowing a good, solid, concrete reason for WHY this is all worth it is pretty critical, I think. For Able, the big reason is to finally live life to the fullest. That’s his “why” and he goes back to it as inspiration in tough times. For me, I’m expecting a baby, and I want the baby to be healthy. Also, I WANT TO BE HEALTHY – I know that our marriage and our entire family life will benefit from my health. That’s a huge motivator for me. Candida is literally a time when you can’t have your cake and eat it, too 😉 You can’t have *both* your normal lifestyle with normal food AND optimal health. You have to choose between the two. But, like I said before, no one can make that choice for you. Take some time to really think and question, pray if you do, and decide… do you really want to take the diet seriously or is it just not worth it to you. I really hope you find a good reason to go for it, and stick with the diet. There’s so much in life worth being healthy for 🙂


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    Hi Niki,
    For me, I have got more and more motivation as I’ve gone along. I’ve tried a variety of different approaches; ‘quick fixes’, less restrictive, half hearted, and each time my attempts have failed I’ve been determined to clear it up the next time. I think finding this website has really helped me; the dietary advice, recipes and the forum.
    I have had Candida twice, and the first time I cleared it up fairly easily, this time is proving a lot harder. I don’t know when I got it the first time, but I look back at my life when I was around the age of 21 (I’m 31 now) and I’m sure I had it then. I wish I’d known, so I could have done something about it, but I also know what my lifestyle was like, and don’t know how motivated I would have been to clear it up.
    It is hard work, especially when you see everyone around you eating so ‘normally’ but try and see it as a positive learning experience. I have learnt so much about what goes into our foods, and wouldn’t want to eat most pre-made foods now anyway.
    Don’t beat yourself up about mistakes that you make, and hopefully your desire to be well will be enough to motivate you in the long run.
    You’ve done the diet 60%, how about increasing that to 70%, then 80% etc? It will get easier to do.

    Good luck 🙂


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    One thing that I’ve found that helps for me, is the results I had after my first cleanse. See, I didn’t realize it, but I couldn’t really taste or smell food very well anyway, probably due to an overgrowth of Candida in my mouth. I hit about day 13 of my cleanse (I used a different program, Candigone kit) and then BOOM EVERYTHING I ate started to SURPRISE ME. All of a sudden the herbs I was taking tasted herby to the point where I was like ‘yuck what the…’ and then everything was just so much more delicious!

    So to stay motivated this time I’ve been just reminding myself that cheating on my diet will just make everything not taste as good anyway. The enjoyable cheat you have now will just cut out the everyday wonderful experience of being able to fully taste your food overall. And one of the primary reasons to eat badly is to feel and sense the food anyway right? Nutritional value cheats are not high on the list.

    Also if you’re considering ‘hey how will junk food taste after I properly cleanse then?’ Well, on my first round I rewarded myself with a hunk of cheesecake. Couldn’t resist. OK I’m lying it was TWO slices of cheesecake, one when it hit midnight of my last cleanse day and one for breakfast in the morning. So bad. I know it set me back but I didn’t care. Over the years my diet has gradually changed to be REALLY healthy but had included bad for Candida foods, but doing this second round I’m cutting them out again BUT I’m more lax on things like store bought herbs and non-organics of beans and chickpeas veggies and I’m including some higher sugar veggies (peas and carrots) but in very small quantities so it make day to day on this round easier then the first because of its variety. But I will say, your taste buds end up changing to actually LIKE the healthier foods more. I will still have some potato chips when not cleansing but I try to buy the healthier version, because you’ll be able to taste the cheap additive crap they put into the stuff that goes into the regular brands.

    Finally, there are people out there who say willpower is a myth and there can be some merit to that, so try and remove everything from your kitchen that isn’t part of your cleanse diet to avoid temptation. My first time round I had a specific drawer in my fridge I dumped all the “do not eats” into and didn’t open it until after I was well done the cleanse. This time around I have become such a habitual coffee drinker so when I started I removed the cup that holds the coffee grounds the machine percolates into and stuck it in the back of my cupboard. I use the coffee maker to keep a warm pot of tea handy and ready to drink most of the day and that really helps.

    Best of luck in your changing your diet! 🙂 And don’t be too hard on yourself, our body is made up of more bacteria then most people thing (generally about 10% according to the biology class on and it can and does influence us in ways we don’t fully understand yet. Don’t be too hard on yourself.


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    If it’s inspiration your after I’d look no further than a topic called “cured” in this subforum. There’s a post from able in there detailing what can happen if candida is left and not taken seriously. Basically first signs are the yeast turns to fungal form, then causes leaky gut where toxins are dumped into your blood stream causing an auto immune disorder where the body starts fighting itself, then sepis occurs and only 1 in 3 people don’t survive past that. Is staying alive enough motivation?? It is for me lol !

    I’m using my iPhone at the moment but when I get to my laptop later I’ll link the post here.

    Over and out



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    heres the extract from ables post

    Medical Fact: When Candida is left untreated in the early stages, the disease has been known to cause death to the patient.

    If Candida progresses to a stage during which it enters the bloodstream, it is then referred to as Candida Sepsis. I imagine most if not all of you know what the word “sepsis” means, but if you don’t, I will place the definition below. When it reaches this stage, it is extremely difficult to treat and to successfully overcome. Once it reaches this point, the death rate from the disseminated Candidiasis infestation can easily reach 30% and higher.

    For this reason, let alone the pain and suffering both emotionally and physically that the patient endures, a dedicated treatment of Candida in its very early stages cannot be overstated.

    Sepsis: “Sepsis is the body’s response to a bacterial infection. Your immune system goes into overdrive, which overwhelms the normal processes of your blood. The result is small blood clots forming and blocking the blood flow to vital organs, which in turn can lead to organ failure. Even healthy people can become deathly ill from any type of sepsis. Quick diagnosis and treatment are crucial, because at least one third of the people who are diagnosed with sepsis die from it.”

    Even if Candida does not reach this level of overgrowth, even a mild to serious case can cause a condition known as Intestinal Hyper-Permeability, also called Leaky Gut Syndrome. This occurs when the wall of the gastrointestinal tract is damaged by the Candida when it changes its form and creates something called rhizoids, a root like structure which breaks into the intestinal walls. The ‘breaks’ allow molecules such as partially digested fats, toxins and proteins to get through the walls. The body of course sees these substances as foreign forms, and therefore will make antibodies to fight them. This in turn causes the patient to quickly become allergic to various foods which they would previously been able to eat without a problem. By the way, a “rhizoid” is a root type filament which anchors itself to a foundation for the purpose absorbing a food source from the foundation which in turn sustains its existence.

    If Leaky Gut Syndrome cannot be healed soon, it eventually leads to many different vitamin deficiencies, as well as deficiencies of minerals such as zinc which causes eye disorders (macular degeneration). Copper deficiencies are normal with leaky guy syndrome which leads to Osteoarthritis and elevated blood cholesterol.

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