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    I’m new to here and live in the UK.

    I was told I my symptoms may be linked to Candida by describing my symptoms on an alcohol forum as I tend to get them after drinking alcohol (Usually Wheat Beers).

    – Spaced Out Feeling (Like your watching the world go by)

    – Anxiety

    – Blocked Sinus’s

    – Sneezing

    For me if this is the case I’m trying to look into it. Can anyone relate to this?

    If so, it’s much appreciated as It may lead me down a path were I can combat some of these symptoms…

    Was hoping to do a cleanse if the symptoms are linked to see?


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    More than likely it will be to do with the acetaldehyde (also produced by candida die-off) that is produced when ethanol(alcohol) is processed by the body. Hence the symptoms you exhibit linked to the damage acetaldehyde does to your mucous membranes and the mental symptoms from it damaging the lipids in your brain.

    It is also a group 1 carcinogen, hence the new alcohol guidelines that are put in place to limit the population from exposing themselves to too much.

    People break acetaldehyde down into acetic acid quite simply through acetaldehyde dehydrogenase, which everyone produces. But some people have genes that make them less effective at this process.

    If you have blond hair and blue eyes or you of northeast Asian descent you are between 5 and 50% likely to have this gene.

    If not, then I’d look at your liver health. It is the main organ responsible for breaking down toxins in the body – milk thistle is a widely known supplement to aid your liver in it’s processes.

    My advice would be to limit your drinking, and if you want to truly find out if you have candida albikans in your blood, seek out medical proffessionals to diagnose you with a blood test. That is if you truly believe it is a CRC issue and not an acetaldehyde issue.

    But more than likely it will be to do with acetaldehyde, so if you look at canidida die-off symptoms on this site, that is what you will be experiencing if your body is failing to deal with the acetaldehyde effectively.


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    Also, if you identify as female, you may also have vaginal discomfort (itchy & smelly down there, change in discharge color, etc.).

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