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    Hi Everyone,

    Let me start off by saying in advance that I appreciate any advice and/or questions based on what I provide below!

    Along with candida, I also have a lot of allergy issues:
    Chicken/Turkey/Ham/Buffalo/Lamb/Cod – Mild Anaphylaxis Reaction
    Beans/Lentils/Shellfish – Severe Anaphylaxis Reaction
    Soy – Hives
    Milk – Skin Issues (Rashes/Dandruff Buildup/Bloating/Gas)
    Wheat/Gluten – Severe Flu-Like Symptoms
    White Rice – Sometimes I have issues with it getting stuck in the Esophagus.
    Citrus/Spicy/Peas/Mushrooms – Bad Acid Reflex and Bloating/Gas.
    Onions – Causes gas buildup in Esophagus, about 2 hours long of Vomiting (Gas and Saliva)
    Beef – Only issues if consumed in very high quantities. (Digestive issues)
    Salmon – Same as beef but creates skin rashes at high quantities.

    I have been having a hard time finding items I can eat for my meals (Mainly Breakfast) that not only, don’t cause symptoms, but also can be made a few different ways, so I won’t grow too tired of eating the same thing. Can anyone help me produce a customized breakfast plan? (I am hoping it can be a smoothie of some sort)

    Many thanks ahead of time!

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