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    I’ve done the candida diet before, so have some familiarity of it. I followed it quite strictly then, and while I did make progress admittedly never completed it. It’s now come roaring back.

    I know there’s all sorts of restrictions, but noticed all my past flares were caused by excess sugar or starch, i.e. eating too much sweet potato. I never noticed ill effects from eating miso, mushrooms or other “allergenic” foods. So…

    Is decaf coffee or tea really so bad? Or teas with dried fruit in the mix (and drank unsweetened)? I would imagine the caffeine or natural sugars would be insignificant.

    Also, what about uncured pork, seafood or raw eggs? Is it really so bad to have lobster at a special dinner, or used pastured eggs to make a sugar-free mayonnaise?

    I’ve also heard xylitol is another option for a sweetener. I absolutely hated stevia in most things and wasn’t even aware of an alternative the first time around. Is it legit? About how much would a serving be without triggering a flare?

    I’m serious about getting my health back, but if I can stress less about my diet at least from time to time, I’d really like to do so.



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    You have to find a diet that works for you. There doesn’t seem to be agreement when it comes to the details.


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    HI Banshee,
    I’ve had candiasis all my life also from age 20 until now 63. Times when it was better and now worse. When I was good with my diet things were better but usually starting to eat more sugar and some alcohol, it would start coming back. This year it was really bad so I had to get serious and have been really good since about the middle of July. I started out just whole foods ( and lean meats. But got really fatigued and had to add back some carbs. I found out through research that the good yeasts actually need the resistant starches to feed on. I added back yams (they are lower in sugar than sweet potatoes) and some black beans and chick peas. I did not do good with white potatoes or kidney beans. At first I couldn’t even eat granny smith apples (low sugar), but I could eat blueberries and strawberries. Now, I’ve healed some so I can eat the granny smith apples but I still keep the fruit to about one a day. What I did with diet was start with the basic candiasis diet and then modify it according to my tastes and how I felt. I kept a journal of what I ate and how different foods affected me. Even now, I cannot eat bananas or white potatoes. I did add back seed grains amaranth, millet, quinoa, buckwheat and non-gluten oat groats. I also eat some beans now. I look at my yeast symptoms daily such as is my tongue coated, are my ears itchy, fatigued, are my stools covered with stringy white mucous, is my face or skin breaking out. I then check my diet or stress levels. Stress is a real biggy that drains your immune system and lets the yeast get unbalanced. I use a daily multi strain probiotic along with FOS (a prebiotic you can find at the health food store) for them to feed on. I also used some anti-fungals oregano oil, caprilytic acid, oregon grape seed, etc. Also I took some glutamine to heal the gut. So, the cure is to find a diet that works for you, get the good yeast growing, reduce the population of the bad yeasts, reduce your stress (might have to make some lifestyle changes) and accept the fact that you will never be able to indulge much in sugar and alcohol, ever, ever, but hopefully you will feel good and be healthy. Good luck.


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    In my experience you can eat any food that does not convert to sugar in your gut and you are not sensitive to it.

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