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    I was on the strict diet for about 2 months and started adding in some buckwheat/teff and a few other things. The teff actually digested really well, but I’ve noticed that my thrush has gotten a lot worse and the toe nail fungus seems to be getting worse as well, plus I’ve been having some serious neck cramps and headaches with swollen lymph nodes.

    I think I’m going to back off of the higher carb stuff and just stick with a bit of oat bran and the strict diet.

    The one thing i’ve REALLY been enjoying lately though is greek yogurt. I buy the costco brand with nothing added(no sugars or anything)
    This is the yogurt:

    How much of this stuff can I have per day? I’m trying to gain back some weight as well. Will it set me back if i have 2-3 cups per day? I’ve just been doing 1/2 to 1 cup but would like to increase.


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    Hi, good for you for sticking on the diet for that long so far!

    I’ve repeatedly seen on here that you can have up to 2 cups a day of greek yoghurt, and your brand seems ideal with the sugar gone.

    The flare up of your thrush/toenail fungus could be because the sugars that are created from the teff/buckwheat are passed into your bloodstream and arrive at the problem sites.
    As you’ve correctly deduced, I’d tone it down on the two carbs there, and focus on the oat bran 2-4 times a week, just to provide nourishment for the beneficial bacteria you’re providing from the yoghurt.

    Also try to eat the yoghurt first thing in the morning or on an empty stomach. About 30 mins later you could have some oat bran to feed the new buddies in your gut.

    Hope that helps!

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