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    Of course I am tired of die off symptoms, of feeling tired and slightly ill and headaches and not being able to think straight–we all are! I am just interested in how long it took those who have successfully overcome candida to feel (relatively) normal. If you noticed yourself going through “phases” and could share them as well (and how long they took) that would be great.

    I am mostly asking because my current life requires me to be busy (I am a full-time college student and work on the side) and it is hard to keep up with my academics and work being so tired and having this on-and-off brain fog, and I find I am withdrawing from people because I know they wouldn’t accept it as legitimate if I tried to explain. I really want to know how much longer I have to put up with it (patience is not my strongest trait).

    So, I guess that brings me to another question. How did you deal with social relationships and events?


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    It varies person to person and how much better you feel.  I felt better after every single month on the diet and supplements but I didn’t feel really good until I got professional help.  After 3-4 years I feel mostly cured.


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