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    How long is too long (if this is possible) to be consistently taking a natural antifungal? I’ve been taking oil of oregano (3-6 drops, 2x per day) nearly every day for the past couple years, as part of a regimen to keep candida at bay. I had a bad overgrowth about 3 years ago that I pretty much eradicated through natural antifungals, probiotics, and a strict anti-candida diet. However since then I’ve introduced many foods back into my diet including occasional drinking, and I get chronic symptoms every couple weeks or so depending on how strict I am with my diet. Throughout all this time, I’ve rotated natural antifungals between oil of oregano, grapefruit seed extract, and some others. However for the past year or so I’ve pretty much kept with the oil of oregano as I find it most effective for me. I should mention I take it in drops in a small shot of water.

    So, any thoughts out there around how long is too long to stay on a natural antifungal? Thanks!


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    I don’t know. Thanks for sharing that oregano oil is working for you. Have you tried the antifungal foods? What are your symptoms?


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    I don’t think that you can take oil of oregano too long. But I have read that grapefruit seed extract shouldn’t be taken for more than 3 months, probably because it also kills good bacteria.

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