How long does it take to get candida under control?

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    I have many symptoms of candida…after 4 weeks of antibiotics for a stubborn UTI I got thrush and one year on I STILL have it….my body stopped responding to Canesten/dilly an so I no longer treat myself…some days it seems more under control and I get just occasional itching but other days I have thick green discharge in large quantities…. Other symptoms include chronic constipation – bowel movement every 5 or 6 days- itching in my nose and ears and down below generally, a very bloated stomach with foul smelling flatulence, weight gain/fluctuations and my hair has become unmanageable. In the last few months my symptoms seem to have intensified- everything has got worse but now in addition I’m getting headaches and nausea and irregular periods…. Im doing all the right things, eating flax seed oil, garlic, sauerkraut, pumpkin seeds, chia seeds, kefir, and taking Udo’s Super 8 probiotics to restore the friendly bacteria plus I eat no fruit or sugar just salad and veg and some rice. Some days I eat only 700 or so calories (I eat regularly and lots but I enjoy eating plates of vegetables!) but it makes no sense that I can’t lose weight when I’ve always been very slim. My stomach is huge and I could be mistaken for being pregnant (I have done 2 tests)…. It’s really getting me down now, I feel weary with the dietary restriction, terrible bloating and wind and inability to shift the weight. Some days I feel desperately exhausted, very sleepy even in a very noisy environment. If I’ve had this wretched bug for a year or so, how long is it likely to be before I start to see any signs of improvement, given I am doing all the right things? Thanks for any advice, tips, hope in advance!


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    Well it varies person to person but if you took the right supplements, got proper rest, and had a good diet…you could reverse this within a month or two if you do it correctly and feel pretty much symptom free. It’ll just cost a few hundred bucks per month plus consultation with a naturopath.

    You likely would benefit from supplementing with HCL:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

    If you have gas, this means you likely are deficient in stomach acid and aren’t breaking down the foods you eat. Then the food sits in your gut fermenting causing gas and bloating.

    If you chew your food better, it could help your digestion significantly also:–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx



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    just a thought but have you checked if you have a parasite? I would do a parasite cleanse as they can cuase some of the symptoms you describe.

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