How I'm going to turn life around, and get my hair and pigment back!

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    I’m a 27 year old Economics master student on my final year.

    I’ve never paid much attention to my health. Sort of had the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it”
    mentality. I’ve been smoking and drinking more than what is healthy ever since I turned 18.
    Couple that with a shitty diet containing a lot of refined sugar, and you have me. Well, at least the old version of me.

    Diseases, signs & symptoms
    I’ve been having Pityrosporium Folliculitis (Malassezia) for at least 10 years, although I suspect longer. I haven’t had this documented by a dermatologist, but judging from my symptoms and rash I am 99% confident that this is what I have (Pityrosporium Folliculitis – it’s as if they used pictures of me, and wrote about my symptoms). White, acne-like pimples that release a clear liquid if I pop them on my stomach, over-arms, chest and neck. Moreover I get an insane itch after taking a hot shower, sauna or sweat a lot.

    I’ve also been plagued by athlete’s foot for more than 10 years as well. Lamisil applied topically would lessen the symptoms for a while, but it has always returned. Furthermore I’ve had dandruff for as long as I can remember, and also I have white thrush on my tongue. Just did the infamous spit-test this morning, and while I could post a picture, I just think it looks gross. Spore-like strings hanging down from the top of the water.

    However, the bumps on my belly, and the itch from showering or sweating was never enough alone for me to harass the doctors with it. Nor was the athlete’s foot (lamisil is sold over the counter without the need of a prescription) or thrush.

    I’ve also been having IBS-like symptoms, but since starting probiotics I have been consistent, plus I’ve even been able to drink coffee without exploding! Coffee used to be the equivalent of liquid black death to me, resulting in stomach cramps, diarrhea and sweating.

    After a trip to Thailand with my ex in january 2012, my ever-so-stable vitiligo (description here) became active again. I’ve always had this panda-like spot on my belly, but since Thailand it’s been spreading, and I’ve been getting new spots on my upper body, as well as some of my eyebrow being affected (it’s called leukotrichia when it affects hair). Tried a topical ointment containing tacrolimus (x%), didn’t help at all. I’ve also bought a narrowband UV-B lamp (~$800 on ebay), which I’m using in combination with PC-KUS. White eyebrows, while making me look like a wizard, just isn’t the look I want to sport at 27!

    Following a bad breakup and an intensive exchange semester in France this spring I developed alopecia areata (AA). Literally the day after our last exam we were having drinks at a club, when I headed out for a cigarette. When I got up and turned around one of the guys exclaimed “Shroomy Dophillus! What have you done to your hair?!” – they took a picture, and much to my dismay I got to see a completely bare white spot, the size of a coin, at the back of my head. I did what any man would have done, and ordered lots of shots, and just wanted to drink myself to death right there and then.

    The AA has since been spreading, I’ve lost ~50% of the hair on my scalp, I’ve got a couple spots in my beard and pubes, and I THINK I have a tiiiny spot in my left eyebrow to go with it.

    So far
    I spent 30 minutes convincing my GP to prescribe LDN (read about it here). Been on it for approximately 2 weeks. Not noticed any effect so far, it is a long-term treatment though, so I’m planning to stick with it for at least 6 months.

    I have also started a new and healthier lifestyle, involving quitting soda, not drinking as much as I used to, and incorporating multi-vitamins, fish oils, ashwaganda, gingko baloba and probiotics (Dr Ohirra’s).

    The whole patchy hair loss situation interferes tremendously with school, social life, sex life and basically everyday life, as it affects my self-esteem so much. Don’t really like showing off the leopard hairdo, so you won’t catch me without a beanie or caps of some sort these days.

    Hence, ever since getting AA I’ve been spending hours googling every single day, trying to find out why the hell my immune system hates me so much. After I stumbled upon information about candidiasis I’ve finally grown optimistic! I’m thinking this might very well be the link explaining both of my auto-immune diseases, and all of my candidiasis symptoms.
    Is it possible I could be onto something here..?

    How I’m going to get better
    E-mailed one of the few nutritionists in my town, and booked an appointment tuesday. Also have an appointment with a dermatologist in the middle of october (been waiting 2 months, my issues are “only cosmetic”, so I have zero priority).

    I also just got back from my GP. After explaining my theory he agreed to prescribe Diflucan (6x150mg), on paper for my recurring athlete’s foot. Popped one as soon as I got home, planning to take twice a week until I run out, and observe the effects.

    I’m planning to do the candida diet for the rest of my life, if that’s what it takes. Was thinking I’d start off with the detox, after consulting with the nutritionist.

    I’ve gone on a shopping spree on Iherb, below follows a list of supplements currently being shipped:
    1) Now Foods, Organic, Fiber-3, Powder, 16 oz (454 g)
    2) Yerba Prima, Great Plains Bentonite Detox, 32 fl oz (946 ml)
    3) Now Foods, NAC, (N-Acetyl Cysteine), 600 mg, 100 Veggie Caps
    4) Pure Essence, Candex, Yeast Management System, 120 Veggie Caps
    5) Life Flo Health, Collective Wellbeing, Detox Soap, 5 oz (141 g)
    6) Now Foods, Candida Support, Intestinal Health, 180 Veggie Caps
    7) Now Foods, Gr8-Dophilus, 120 Vcaps

    Furthermore I plan to order:
    8) Abkit, NatureWorks, Swedish Bitters, 8.45 fl oz (250 ml)
    9) Now Foods, Silymarin, Milk Thistle Extract, 2X – 300 mg, 200 Veggie Caps
    10) Now Foods, L-Glutamine, Double Strength, 1000 mg, 120 Capsules

    As well as the ones I’m currently taking:
    11) Nature’s Way, Alive! Whole Food Energizer, Multi-Vitamin, Max Potency, No Iron Added, 180 Tablets
    12) Now Foods, Ashwagandha, 450 mg, 90 Veggie Caps
    13) Doctor’s Best, Extra Strength Ginkgo, 120 mg, 120 Veggie Caps
    14) Natrol, Biotin, Maximum Strength, 10,000 mcg, 100 Tablets
    15) Tran, a norwegian fish oil, rich in omega-3 and so on and so forth yada yada.

    So yeah… I can start my own pharmacy soon!
    Amazing jokes aside, 1 & 2 from the list are to be used for a detox smoothie. 3 is to be used to lessen die-off symptoms. Apart from 5, which is a soap, all the other ones I plan to use continuously throughout my journey towards getting my hair back, my candida in check and feeling healthy.

    I do realize that with the kitchen sink approach I might not know what it is that has cured me, should I one day succeed in reclaiming my life back, but as of now I’d much rather just do whatever I believe could have an effect, and then eliminate supplements one by one afterwards.

    Thank you for reading, any and all response would be appreciated!

    Hank Moody-esque (minus all the women) lifestyle up until recently, diagnosed with alopecia areata and vitiligo, suspicions of candidiasis and possible link between the auto-immune diseases and said candidiasis. Bought a ton of supplements. Seeing a nutritionist soon, and a dermatologist next month.



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    Before you do all this to yourself, can you try-out a test diet first?
    Endless candida diet can result in severe adrenal fatigue and a far more aggressive yeast then before. In my experience, even if you dont have it, you might just get it by doing a half-hearted diet with no nystatin and probiotics.

    Test diet:


    shroomy dophillus
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    klips32;59884 wrote: Before you do all this to yourself, can you try-out a test diet first?
    Endless candida diet can result in severe adrenal fatigue and a far more aggressive yeast then before. In my experience, even if you dont have it, you might just get it by doing a half-hearted diet with no nystatin and probiotics.

    Test diet:


    I’ll certainly do the test diet first! However, I figured I could just start with a detox, seeing as you’re supposed to wait 8 days before starting the provocation tests either way.

    Also, I’m currently on Dr Ohirra’s probiotics, and waiting for a new (and a bit cheaper) one to arrive in the mail, it’s called Gr8-Dophilus by Now Foods.

    From the information I could gather online, diflucan/fluconazole is an even stronger anti-fungal than nystatin.

    Definitely not looking to approach this half-heartedly, and I sincerely doubt eating healthy food, in addition to anti-fungal supplements and various herbs could hurt my body more than my previous diet would have.


    shroomy dophillus
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    Tiny update:

    Been staying off gluten for the last week or so.
    Today after school I went to my mom’s and had dinner, thinking I’d be fine with lamb, cabbage and potatoes (a norwegian traditional dish). As she was making it she told me the secret was to add white flour, and asked me if I could have that. Weeeeeell, after thinking it through I decided what the hell, might as well try and see if I get a reaction from it. Got bloated pretty much instantly, and still am 3 hours later.

    A couple of years ago I did a blood sample, testing for celiac disease. Test came back negative, but after today I’m feeling pretty sure I should stay away from gluten.

    edit: come to think of it, the whole hairloss thing started on my 4th month in France, where I was eating crazy amounts of white baguettes. How I didn’t make this connection sooner is beyond me. Well, bye bye gluten!

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