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    Hello Everyone.

    I just thought I’d introduce myself to the forum. I’m a 32 year old male, and have been suffering from candida overgrowth for a few years now. It all started with red splotches on my penis (pardon my candor), which I imagine would send any man into a panic. The oddest part was that I hadn’t had any sex in a few years at the time I first noticed the redness. I had some blood tests done, and much to my relief they showed no sign of any std. A dermatologist then suggested that my problem was subhoreic dermatits, or what effects infants as “cradle cap”. Some kenoctakazole (probably mispelled) cream was prescribed, which I used as directed for a couple of weeks, to no avail. After much internet research, I came to the conclusion that what I had is most likely a yeast infection. Went to see another general physician, and they prescribed the same cream as the dermatologist… so I now have two tubes of useless cream in my medicine cabinet instead of just the one.

    The more research I did, the more everything made sense… my constant fatigue, the headaches that last for days on end, the cravings for sweets and starches (especially in the middle of the night), the inexplicable mood swings, even my heartburn and stomach problems… it all fit perfectly. I did a little research on what dietary changes I’d have to make, and needless to say I’m completely overwhelmed. Luckily I date a vegetarian, so I think she’ll be able to help me with the transition to whole, natural foods. All I’ve ever eaten my whole life is junk food. Sodas all day, meat and potatoes… no green veggies or fresh anything. So this is going to be a complete overhaul for me. But I know that with the help of my girl, and the support of you all here who understand what I’m going through, I’ll be able to get myself on the right track. Curing the yeast infection has almost taken a backseat to improving my overall health, and increasing my energy level. I’m hoping I’ll lose some weight, quit smoking and learn to love eating healthy in the process.

    Anyways, I just wanted to introduce myself, and say that I’m happy to have found this site. I’m also glad to see other men on here discussing candida-related issues, as many people (even doctors, sadly) seem to think that men aren’t effected by yeast overgowth. It’s great to realize that a dietary change (albeit a major one) can have such a profound impact on so many physiological and mental processes. I look forward to sharing this journey with you all.


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    Hello Cottle,

    I went through a similar transition about 2 years ago and I used to live your lifestyle as well. I wish you luck; be sure to plan ahead before taking this on, or you will be whooped in the ass.

    Here is my story (that is very similar to yours):

    I also have a blog about how I reached my level of health and how it took so long to get there:



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    Hello, Cottle, and welcome to the forum.

    We have a protocol which the forum uses, the link is Forum Protocol .

    We also have a stricter diet which most of the forum members use; if you would like to see it just let me know.

    Let us know I you have questions.

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