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    We are going away next week and then again in May. How do you eat while vacationing? Do you find it difficult to stick to this way of eating? How do you prepare for travel?



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    I make sure I bring more than enough of all my supplements (minus refrigerated probiotics) – especially magnesium and molybdenum. I’d pick up some nox vomica as well if i were you, for when/if you stray from the diet. I also pack my teas – chamomile & fennel, senna tea just in case, dr miller’s holy tea) as well as some coconut oil and coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute).

    Sushi is my go-to meal when I have to eat out. I just get sashimi and sometimes edamame which has some sugar, but there are worse things. I always always have avocados to snack on & they’re great if you’re in a hotel and have no fridge. Most restaurants have guac as well. Remember that if you do cheat some things are way better than others – e.g. rice, beans, low sugar fruits, nuts vs. pasta, bread, desserts, alcohol (although I have admittedly drank on the diet) just don’t let yourself go crazy!

    I stop anti fungal treatment a couple days leading up to my departure so I feel 100% and can enjoy my vacation. Just start up after! After a year in and out of candida treatment I realize it is a lifestyle change so I don’t feel as restricted to rare minor cheats.

    Have a good time!! Try and remember what it’s like to not have a life consumed by candida!


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    Here is a link to a thread on this forum that I had bookmarked last month. I hope it’s useful to you.—The-Candida-Diet.aspx


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    I’m actually traveling to Puerto Rico next week and have been thinking about this as well. I actually believe you can take some food on the plane as long as there’s no liquid. For instance, I plan to smuggle oatbran and some other things in my suit case.

    Ideas from anyone will help.


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    I just did a week in LA, including Disneyland, more or less successfully (aside from one small Starbucks incident).

    Here are the steps I took:

    1. I stayed at my cousin’s place and was able to use his kitchen…this was CRITICAL!!! If you don’t have access to a fridge/microwave at the very least, then you’re probably gonna blow it, esp if you’re going someplace warm. Sorry, but that’s the truth.

    2. I started prepping 2-3 weeks in advance. I made three lists: food to pre-make or pack, food to purchase upon arrival, and a meal plan for my entire stay.

    3. I pre-made as much as I could…granola, coconut bread (goes bad fast in hot places without refrigeration, I found out the hard way), garlic herb biscuits, cinnamon ginger muffins.

    4. I spent my first afternoon shopping for food and purchasing a small $20 blender. You could also probably find some kind of hot plate/electric kettle sort of thing you could cook veggies in.

    5. I didn’t actually stick to the meal plan at all, but it got me thinking about what I could do while I was there. There weren’t a lot of times where I was in a food panic, except when I didn’t leave myself extra time to cook on some days.

    6. I ended up going to a farmer’s market and making a lot of veggie stir fries, as well as eating a lot of coconut manna and avocados.

    7. I packed spices, coconut oil, and coconut manna from home, as well as all of my supplements (although I dumped a lot of them into smaller containers for easy packing), protein powder, etc.

    8. Don’t take coconut oil or manna in your carry on if you are someplace warm. I almost got arrested throwing a fit at the shithead TSA guy that kept trying to tell me manna is the same as peanut butter.


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    I almost got arrested throwing a fit at the shithead TSA guy that kept trying to tell me manna is the same as peanut butter.

    You’ve told me this story before, but didn’t mention that part. I brought hazelnut butter onto a plane last year…is there a TSA restriction on nut butters?? (But not on knitting needles :p )


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    There are some great ideas here! Thanks guys! We are going to Las Vegas and will be in a hotel room. I will definitely pack up my supplements. I don’t think I’ll be able to cook in the hotel room, so I will definitely be bringing some vegan hemp protein powder and my little personal blender. I’m sure we could find a place to get fish and salads and I can just ask for lemon to use as dressing. I usually bring my own dressing when we go out to eat, but I don’t think it’s a good idea for flying.

    Maybe I’ll bring a few hard boiled eggs with me, already peeled and ready to go. We should at least have a fridge in the hotel.


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