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    Ok I was diagnosed with Candida years ago when i was 9, well now, at 23,it’s come back full force. I’m putting myself on the dietand trying to stick with it, but it’s only day 2 of my cleanse and im STARVING!(It was a lot easier when i was 9 and had no other option but to eat what my parents provided) I SO want to be able to eat something other than a raw veggie or broth soup! Not sure how to deal with a whole week of this??

    Not to mention, I was a smoker, so as of Saturday night, i also quit smoking.

    My whole body is going through withdrawls.. from smoking and from not feeding the candida (I woke up this morning itching all over and feeling horrible 🙁

    ANY TIPS on how to make this week easier would be greatly appreciated by me, AND my poor boyfriend who has to deal with an emotional and physical wreck right now…


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    I am on day 3 of the cleanse and I have been eating something small at night and I mean real small a grilled chicken breast plain. It really helps me get through without wrecking the whole thing. Remember the cleanse is optional you can just go straight into Stage One. But if you are able to do most of the cleanse like I am I suggest you stay with it. I know its awful but its for the greater good. By the way I also did a practice week( the few days between Christmas and New Years)so I knew what to expect this week and it has really helped with the panic.


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    Try eating 200 calories every 3 hours, and drink lots of water. I know what the hunger is like, but it should get better after 3 or 4 days.


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    Hi Playtime,

    I am only on day 4 but kind of going through the same “hungry” withdrawals. I know you are doing the pure cleanse but like JLT said you can go straight to Stage1. I have just been adding little things from Stage1 to help me cope with the cleanse i.e. eating some grains/veggies/eggs. Just small amounts during the cleanse to take the edge off. I think this is better than suffering and will help you stick with the diet in the long run.

    Also, the feeling hungry can be caused by your body not being bloated. Your diet before might have made you bloated and now that you are introducing foods that do not cause the bloating you have the tendency to feel more “hungry.”

    I have never really craved sugar but now on this diet my body is begging for it, so I found that making some ginger tea and adding some stevia is a great calmer. I use raw ginger, peel it, slice it up and add it to about 4 cups of boiling water for about 15-20mins. Move it to a cool burner and let it sit there for 30mins or more and it will get more a more intense ginger taste (you can play with how much water/ginger to make it how you want). Than add some stevia, it helps a ton with the cravings (I had a dream of eating a huge chocolate chip cookie the other nite!).

    As for the smoking withdrawals…not sure what to help with on that side.

    Stick with it and it sounds like you are already having Die-off which is a great sign!


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