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    Hi, it’s been a while since I was active on the forum though now I have a question.

    How do I explain die-off to my doctor?

    I have done a couple of tries before and it always comes out like “I take this product called coconut oil and when I take it I get severe stomach ache and flu-like symptoms and sometimes I throw up and it feels like I’m going to die and this reaction is called the herxheimer reaction which is a reaction that occurs when bad bacteria, parasites or fungus die and I think I have one of these so could you please tell me which?”

    and they’re always like:

    “ehhhr what?”

    and I’m like:


    and they’re like:


    So how do I get them to understand?


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    Perhaps you could look online for a doctor in your area who is experienced with candida?

    You should be screening them, not the other way around.


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    If you’re having trouble finding a doctor to help you, I think it would be worth seeing a naturopath. In my experience, they seem to be more understanding and generally know more about candida than any doctor I’ve seen.


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    Doctors don’t treat gut flora disorders and most illnesses, they only prescribe medication to treat the symptoms. What medications can you use to treat candida? Antifungal drugs…

    There isn’t one drug that is designed and created to treat candida so they are unable to prescribe you something because they don’t know about any options really.

    What I would say is that you have a yeast infection and are interested in diflucan/fluconozole (mispell) and this is the best they can do basically and will only be a short term supply that may or may not make a dent in the numbers.

    I wouldn’t mention candida and I wouldn’t mention parasites, antibiotics, etc. I wouldn’t mention die-off either.

    If you want to give up, I would consult a naturopath who treats you with vitamins, herbs, and homeopathics. Homeopathics were the first type of medicine that was created and came before western medicine. They know what causes diseases and look to go after these route causes to prevent disease.



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    Most doctors don’t know what you are talking about. What is the reason why you want to explain die-ff to your doctor? I thought it is quite clear that doctors don’t understand candida and what kind of problems it causes.
    Today I visited my doctor to get some allergy prescriptions. At the same time a patient called to get his blood results. He had too much uric acid. My doctor promptly prescribed some medication.
    This is how doctors work. They don’t seem to understand to connection between sickness and a diet/nutrition. I am lucky to have found a specialist that does know these things.
    My advice for you is to find a naturopath or a specialist that understands what candida is.
    The only thing that maybe works is saying that you have some sort of yeast infection.


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    That would be my question as well. What is the purpose of telling your dr about this? Western medical doctors are not trained in this nor believe in it. From what I’ve read you can reduce die off symptoms by lowering anti fungal dosage or adjusting your diet and adding a few things back in to kill the yeast more slowly and by using sauna and drinking water to flush toxins. Mds can only prescribe meds and there is no med that can help with die off. That would defeat the purpose and add more work for the liver.


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    Thanks for your answers. I need to explain it so that she can run tests to find out what I have. I have got a referal to a gut “specialist”. After many ifs and buts I no longer believe I have candida. I’m not sure but I suspect maybe small intestine bacterial overgrowth or blastocystis, d. fragilis or some other microorganism that could generate die-off. The die-off and my health improvements by altering my diet and taking fungus/bacteria/parasites killing stuff is the only proof I have that somethings up with my gut flora.

    I thought, if she understands what I have been suffering through the last one and a half years maybe she would say something like “ooooh, you mean die-off, well, why didn’t you just say so? let’s go ahead with the testing, we’ll work this out togheter.” If I know what I have it will be much easier to treat.

    So is it useless trying to tell her about this? Aren’t there any trustworthy studies on die-off or die-off and coconut oil?

    I wish some high-ranking doctor got one of these life altering gut diseases so that he or she could change the view of how to treat them. If I wasn’t so god * tired and if my grades wasn’t so-so (hehe) I would be a scientist and get to the bottom of this.


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    I actually changed my doctor to one in my area who is “progressive”. My new doc is actually a board certified regular MD, but open to new stuff. There are more and more of them around. In fact, my previous doctor was humble enough to recommend my new doc as “someone who might be able to help me.” Great.

    However, even my progressive new doctor didn’t know much about die-off and didn’t even warn me about it. He prescribed me Oil or Oregano with Nystatin and Diflucan but didn’t know much about die off.
    I showed him my coated tongue and he admitted that he was unsure if this was die off or another fungal infection. BUt he didn’t sulk or restrict me. He just said keep on doing what I’m doing if I’m getting better (which I am).
    My new doctor, his strength is being on the cutting edge and knowing the latest tests available. He’s very good in most areas. Sadly, Candida seems to be not one of them! But, he’s walking with me.

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