How come eating the wrong foods feels so right?

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    I am almost positive I have candida overgrowth/poor gut bacteria, two years ago I went on a 7 month course of antibiotics and I was under chronic stress the entire time. I have been grappling with many symptoms (skin problems, eating disorders, wacky energy levels, plus others) and I tested very positive on the spit test.

    Anyway, I decided to spend a week and a half on a strict candida diet. Nothing but organic vegetables, eggs and chicken. I incorporated as many antifungals as I could during this time and took a probiotic. During this week and a half I felt very weird. Part of me felt better but a lot of the time I was feeling fatigued. I experienced a weakness in my legs which is something I used to get a long time ago from stress. Sometimes I felt sick after having too many antifungals. Overall I just felt kinda nuts on this diet. But I did notice some improvements in some areas.

    Anyway, I decided to see what would happen if I went back to all my favorite indulgences. So as an experiment I’ve spent the last 2 days eating nothing but bread, ice cream, chocolate, and other treats. But strangely, I’ve actually felt better these last 2 days than I did when I was doing the diet. The only complaint I have now is that I’m having extreme flatulence. But I was expecting to throw up after eating nothing but junk for 2 days but strangely I feel more energetic than I did on the diet.

    I know eating junk isn’t the way to eat. But why do I actually feel better when eating it? And why do I feel so off on the diet? Do I just need to stick to it long enough to allow things to balance out and then I’ll feel, well, balanced? Any insight would be so helpful, thanks!


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    You feel better eating it because the yeast likes the food you eat. It controls our bodies tastes and cravings.

    The spit test is not accurate:


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