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    Many months ago when I started to think that I might have a candida problem, well before I activley did anything positive about dealing with it I came across a website which suggested that hot drinks feed candida. Now I don’t remember it narrowing this down to tea/coffee/beef drinks etc and got the impression that hot drinks including water could feed the candida. Now my memory could be wrong on this and I could have got this completely wrong but would water purely because it’s hot be a source of food for candida?

    I’ve no idea what this website was so cannot go back to take another look.


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    Hello, James.

    First of all, water cannot feed Candida, and it doesn’t matter what the temperature may be.

    The temperature of a drink is not the reason that it may cause problems; it’s the nature of the drink itself, hot or cold.
    For example; the herb called chamomile contains antifungal properties, therefore this tea, whether it’s hot or cold is incapable of feeding Candida. In fact, boiling the tea only makes it safer to drink by removing any bits of mold that may be present.


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