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    Study Shows Horopito Extract Effective against Yeast Infections
    January 23, 2014

    New research from Italy indicates horopito extract can effectively fight vaginal yeast infections. The leaves of the New Zealand shrub horopito (Pseudowintera colorata) have been used by Maori herbalists for centuries for a wide range of internal and topical applications, including the treatment of fungal infections. The primary active constituent of the herb is believed to be a sesquiterpene dialdehyde compound known as polygodial. In light of the herb’s traditional use as an antifungal agent, Italian researchers set out to compare the effectiveness of polygodial extracted from horopito leaves with the synthetic antifungal drug Itraconazole in a clinical trial involving 122 women with a history of recurrent vaginal yeast infections.

    Subjects were divided into two groups who were treated with either a patented horopito preparation (Kolorex®) or Itraconazole for one week per month over a two-year period. While the overall cure rate was similar between the two groups after two years (91% for Kolorex, 85% for Itraconazole), subjects in the Kolorex group had a significantly fewer relapses than those in the Itraconazole group (22 and 39, respectively). The Kolorex group also experienced significantly fewer side effects than the Itraconazole group.



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    I’ve used it before, It works well but burns my intestines badly, have you tried it?

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