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    Hello everyone!I’m new here 🙂

    So I’ve been on the diet for 8 days but I’m not sure whether I have candida or not.

    Some info: Never had any food intolerence, palms and feet are always warm, digestion is quite normal (BM once per day or every other day). Rarely experienced any bloating unless I eat too much.

    “My candida symptoms” :
    Thin but visible white tongue coating, however it just hit me that all these years I’ve been brushing my teeth only once per day and now I’m trying to brush at least twice, both teeth and tongue. My tongue doesn’t hurt.

    Low energy levels? I need like 9 hours of sleep per day and sometimes still feel sleepy in the afternoon

    Skin issue- Mild rosacea (See below)


    Diet progress so far:
    Anxiety seemed to have reduced, terrible headache and body itchiness in the first four days, flu like symptoms for two nights.

    Hormonal imbalance?
    I just noticed that my rosacea completely goes away during my menstrual cycle and comes back gradually after that. Could this be something got to do with estrogen dominance? I’m 21 btw.

    Now I’m pretty confused if I have candida or just hormonal imbalance, or both.

    Any input would be deeply appreciated. Thank youu and wishing you good health! 🙂


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    Sounds like die-off to me. If you are only having one bm per day or every other day, this means you have a digestive disorder called constipation. Ideally you should be having 2-3 bm’s per day.

    What is your detox plan to detox from the toxins? These toxins can damage your liver and kidneys from my experience…



    Vegan Catlady
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    Its probably both.

    Candida can cause major hormonal problems. I believe it caused my endometriosis.
    I have estrogen dominance as well, but because of outside factors such as packaging and plastics, dairy consuming, most everyone experiences estrogen dominance at some point. At least statistically.

    Get off the dairy, asap, if you are still consuming it.
    It will make a difference if this is hormonal. No cheese, as this is concentrated form of so many physical issues.

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