HOPELESS…Does this sound like Candida to anyone? Nothing else is wrong!! I am going crazy !!

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    Okay so I went on a vacation to Myrtle Beach back in June 2010. I came back with clogged ears, dizziness, nausea, sinus pains and pressure but no mucous. Went to the ER they said Sinusitis. I was on two different antibiotics inside of a month…soon after finishing them the symptoms still persisted and from there everything went down hill and I mean EVERYTHING!! I began missing my menstrual cycle, had no appetite lost about 35 lbs in a month and a half. I weighed 230 lbs and am down to 165, still experiencing symptoms. I’ve got constant fatigue, weakness, burning and tingling of the skin, hot sensations on my body frequently where I feel feverish but I have no fever I am actually cold and clammy. Anxiety for absolute no reason, sometimes I have trouble breathing and it throws me into a panic attack. Stiff joints/muscles…tenderness everywhere including my abdominal area. 24-7 stomach issues, gas, bloating, indigestion, nausea, pain in the left side where my rib is, feels almost like there is something swollen. My allergies are horrible! I’ve always had allergies but they were mild, I never had taken any allergy medication. Now it’s to the point where when I smell cologne, or go outside in the summer my nose instantly swells and I can’t breathe. I’ve been to the ER about 10 times in the past 9 months. They do Complete Blood Count with differentials, urinalysis, CT scan of head, CT scan of abdomen. So far all they have found was a low TSH for my thyroid but all other levels are normal. Doctor says thyroidtoxicosis where it fluctuates. Had an ultrasound on my thyroid it is perfect! A cyst on my left ovary which probably needs removed since it’s been there for a year. Doctors can’t find ANYTHING! I’ve been diagnosed with anxiety and refused to take the pills because I know that is not what is causing what is going on. It’s not the anxiety that’s debilitating it’s the physical symptoms. I am 26 years old and should not be feeling like this. I can barely walk some days. My legs cramp up on me and turn purple when standing for long periods of time. I mean, I keep going to the ER because I feel like I am LITERALLY dying. Does this sound like
    Candida to anyone? I mean it’s every part of my body my gums are even swollen. I did the at home Candida saliva test and it was positive but I don’t know how reliable that test actually is. My primary care doctor refused to test me for it because my Blood Count was normal and they can’t find anything. How do I state my case without doctors thinking I am looney? It’s like I have no ground to stand on because nothing shows up in blood work. I am scared…with this being left untreated it turns into more serious things down the road. What would you do? 🙁


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    Hi there
    sounds like you are going through a terrible time. I have been the same, in my daairy I had over 50 sypmtoms over a year! its just awful.
    I was going to suggest you go to your gp to rule anything else out but you say youve been and had the same response I had, pointless!
    I dont think going on the candida diet can hurt you so at least giving it a try will show you whether you are right or wrong.
    On the negative side you have to remember that things usually feel worse before they get better. I started the diet in December and im 80% better. Its been a long haul and Ive had some awful moments.
    I dont have most of the symptoms any more and my energy is slowly rising.
    If I were you I would give it a go and stick to it. See how you get on but it will take about 6 weeks to see an improvement.
    Just take time to get yourself better, you cant go on feeling that bad. Youve nothing to lose now by doing the candida diet x

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