Homemade olive sandwiches without eggs and yeast

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    Ok so i want share a recipe that we do in Italy which is absolutely easy and quick to do.
    This one goes out for who can’t eat eggs and of course wihout our enemy…the yeast.
    So to start you need 4 main ingredients:

    The water: 250ml.
    The flour: 425gr.
    The extravergin olive oil: 2 soup spoons
    Raw green olives : 200gr. (with or without bones no problem)

    Then if you want you can add
    salt : 1+1/2 tea spoons
    sesame seeds if you like

    normally i use wholemeal grain flour or buckwheat flour or emmer wheat.

    You start by putting the flour into a pan with the olive oil and crumble your olives in a non precise manner extracting the bones if it’s necessary.

    Then you begin add the water little by little to the flour and you begin to mix with a big spoon or with a palette kitchen the water, the flour and the olives without stop.

    You should obtain a pretty good mix when you put the olives not too late because if you begin work the mass of the bread and the consistency is almost hard then you cannot add anything anymore inside it.

    So once the dough have the right consistency you take out of the pan and you go to the kitchen table. You need to work it with the hands for 10/15 minutes because when the warm of the hands enter inside it the dough become more workable. So with the ingredients i’ve posted you should obtain 4 sandwiches.

    You cut the dough in 4 equal parts and then you have to flatten it with hands because the absence of the yeast won’t allow your bread to be cooked well if you let it too thick.
    If you want let it little bit ticker be sure to puncture it with a fork or with toothpick to allow the heat of the oven to enter well inside.

    Set up the oven to 200°C.

    Arrange the sandwiches into a backing tray.
    You can use a oven paper to avoid that the bread glue with the tray once it is in the oven.

    When the oven is ready put the tray inside for 30 minutes.

    That’s all

    I hope you will like this variation


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    Good JOB- THANKS


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    It sounds mouth watering. Thanks for sharing.


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    Is there recipe for some unusual sandwiches? With, or without eggs.

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