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    I just ordered some of this off Amazon, and the company assured me they would be shipping this on ice.

    Naturally, it arrived this weekend, when I was out of town, and was just in a regular envelope, no ice. It sat out for probably about 24 hours before I was able to refrigerate it, and it looks like it spent about 5 days in transit to get here.

    I’ve contacted the company about getting a replacement, but what do you think about this bottle? Is it worthless?


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    HMF probiotics don’t require refrigeration. The only time the company recommends icing them for transport is during extreme heat in the summer or unless they won’t be used for extended periods. They’ve done lab testing and shown this to be true. I’ve also confirmed this with my naturopath, who said this also makes them a good choice to travel with. They should be fine, but if you paid for refrigeration, you might be able to get a discount.



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    If they are brown then they are bad, but otherwise they should be good. Its still rather cold out (not hot).

    Also, ships them with ice for free; I try to buy a few months supply at once.



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    Cool, thanks. I just got worried because the label says they should stay under 45 degrees and I have no idea where they went through between Virginia and Oregon, plus I think it’s been in the 50s here. :p

    I’ll open them up and take a look at the color. The company said they will look into what happened as well, and that they were supposed to be shipped with ice.


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    alexalgebra;40163 wrote: Cool, thanks.

    No, not cool. No ice…     😉

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