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    Jojilla asked you in another thread for advice on specific varieties of HMF Neuro and I wanted to ask as well. I bought a bottle online and it is in powdered form, un-capsulated. I’m wondering if I should package it myself into gel caps or how I should take it. Do you have recommendations on this?
    Thanks in advance,


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    The powder form is likely more effective because you can take a stronger/larger dose. I personally take the capsules and these work just fine as well. If you look at the instructions, they suggest that you take it with meals which has been effective for me.

    You can put it in your own capsules if you wanted.



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    Hi Sue—I’ve been traveling for work and am going to start my HMF Neuro this weekend when I get home. I, too, ordered the powder. How is that going for you? How are you using it?


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    To SueSullivan, I would recommend it for I have notice more of a improvement towards my journey with candida. As well as I agree with Raster on your ability to implement stronger & larger dosage towards your requested needs.

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