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    I really want to try the probiotic called HMF Neuro by Genestra because of how good it apparently is, and it was suggested to me on another topic on here that sell it, which i thought was great because I’m in the UK. It appears that you cant get it anywhere else in the UK..

    It took them two weeks to “prepare it for shipping” and has now taken the same amount of time again to get it to me, and i still dont have it. I have emailed them several times and only got a response once which was very unapologetic, stating that shipping takes 5 days. As i said, its been two weeks now. The initial email I got saying it had been shipped stated they would send me the URL to track the package. I’m still waiting for this too. (They have no telephone number also.)

    But I’m not just here to slate them. I notice that despite having a UK address, the company states that they are based in the US and I’m concerned about shipping without ice. I bought from this company because it is a address and they say they are in London.

    If I’ve understood correctly, certain probiotics should be shipped with ice, particularly if overseas. When buying, I did not stipulate that it should be sent with ice, nor was it offered.. it never occured to me because they are in the UK, so they say.

    If my package is just slow to get to me, whether from the US or the UK, would it be worthless now since its taken two weeks and presumably without ice?


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    Hi Jo-Jo, did your product ever arrive? I’m having as much difficulty finding HMF Neuro in the UK myself and am considering ordering through
    I’m also concerned about the shipping time and wondered if you ever found out if shipping without ice would be harmful to the product.


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    Hi Eddy, sorry for not seeing this. Yes it did arrive in the end. Turns out it came from the US and they mislead me about that and I got a refund from PayPal. The capsules appeared Ok despite the 4 weeks in transit and i took them but i cant say i felt any benefit so i’m not sure for certain that they were actually ok.

    I think I posted another topic on here about Green Bodies and how, when I ordered the product, it stated that they were based in London on their about us page and when i started writing to them, they changed it to being based in the US. I see thats still the case, so at least they arent misleading anymore.

    Unfortunately it seems that you still cant get this product anywhere else in the UK.


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    Hi Jo-Jo,

    Frustrating story! I’m just finishing my MegaFlora, and I’ve found it to be really good. I was just doing a search for the HMF to replace it. What are you going to do once you come back to the HMF? Are you going to stay with MegaFlora but go on to higher counts?

    Not sure what I should do now it’s clear the HMF is off the card. Any advice would be great!

    Best wishes,

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