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    Since starting this diet I noticed the more meat I eat the more fireworks go on in my gut, so today I started some new foods but am wondering about eggs, I had 1 egg and 2 egg whites for breakfast with hot oatbran cereal and for lunch I had 1 egg and 2 egg whites with spinach/onion/sunflower seeds stir fry….since I have REAL high cholesterol is it ok to eat this many eggs?? I have heard different sources where eggs increase/decrease cholesterol….are there any reliable sources out there that can say for sure what eggs do??

    Thanks to everyone here, I am learning so much and slowly feeling better.


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    Another question…is chicken the only meat that releases ammonia or is it all meats??


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    Egg yolks have absolutely no effect on cholesterol. They are very good for you, make sure to buy organic cage free.

    I would not eat a lot of meat, for many reasons. Its hard on your digestive system, especially if you have a Candida infection. Also, if its conventional meats your getting a small dose of anti-biotics.
    If indigestion is a problem, you should look into Enzymes and Betaine HCL.


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    I would consider reducing egg intake and replacing with something else. Its up to you how many eggs to consume per day but I personally think it should be kept to the minimum. Additionally, eggs produce antigens which may protect the candida. I personally think each and every person should try out the diet with and without eggs to see what kind of difference it can make.


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