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    Hi everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Great site, big ups to the regular posters, you guys are doing an amazing job.

    So anyways, after suffering with fairly moderate but persistant acne for ages, and being quite vain i wanted to really get to the root of the problem. My diet for the past few years has been horrendous. Sugar, processed foods, huge amounts of refined wheat products, your typical western diet i guess. Wasn’t till i got incredibly frustrated with my skin that i delved a little deeper into causation. After making so many mistakes (including taking an antibiotic prescribed by a GP) i finally got my ears around candida, and it summed up basically what i had been struggling with.

    For the past few months i’ve not really committed 100% to fighting it off, however i think i’ve made an OK start. I think the biggest problem i have now is trying to incorporate all the different information out there to find some kind of regimen diet and supplement wise.

    Heres a list of all the anti candida products i’ve managed to scramble together:
    -Oil of wild oregano capsules.
    -Grapeseet extract capsules
    -EVCoconut Oil
    -Spirulina/Chorella powder
    -Probiotics (Few different types, range from 10-40billion)
    -Food Grade h202 (35%)
    -A homemade garlic paste with cilantro (also helps to heavy metal detox)
    -Cod liver oil caps
    -Vit C 1000mg caps
    -Pau D’arco caps
    -Fresh squeezed lemon juice + Apple Cider Vinegar

    I also have a chinese herbal product (marketed to be a skin healer via blood purification): http://www.naturalhealthorganics.com.au/Fusion-Health-Skin-Tonic-pr-6435.html

    Everytime i visit a healthstore i’m reccommended Kolorex or a Candex inner health brand (which here in Australia is totally different to the one that I’ve seen mention on this site which helps as a digestive enzyme aid) if someone could scope this out and let me know what they think, because the few who have suggested it really stand by it. Marketed only to help for vaginal itch has 3 active ingredients one actually being a yeast itself:

    Lactobacillus Acidophilus (NCFM) Organisms 32 Billion
    Lactobacillus Rhamnosus (GG) Organisms (LGG®) 4 Billion
    Saccharomyces Cerevisiae (Boulardii) Organisms 4 Billion


    So i guess If im going to start phase 1 what of the above products do i use, and most importantly, in what order :/

    And i do realise that success will come by being vigorously dedicated to the DO NOT EAT and SAFE foods, but info on how to take the extra supps would make my life a whole lot easier!

    Also would like to know what experts think of FG h202 and borax? As some other sites reccomend them highly in candida fighting arsenal.

    And is the Candex Brand with the above 3 ingredients worth buying?

    My main fear is that the anti fungals im taking are killing the probiotics im taking so therefore im kind of just doing circles and not getting better!


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    Hello, and welcome to the forum.

    You should start with a good cleanse with no supplements other than possibly a few thousand mg’s of vitamin C daily.

    We’ll talk about the other supplements you’ll start later – before you’re ready to start them.



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    Howdy there,

    Grapefruit/oregano capsules: You can just use the raw liquid oil instead if you want. Good antifungal in general.

    Coconot oil: Good antifungal

    Spirulina/chorella: Maybe not necessary, but get it if you want.

    Probiotics: The most essential thing you will need for your recovery. Get either the Megaflora brand or HMF neuro which are human derived probiotics.

    H202: Never heard of this and likely not necessary

    Borax: Never heard of this being a candida remedy, I wouldn’t use it.

    Garlic: Raw garlic cloves are just as good, same with garlic pearls.

    Multivitamin: I would get individual vitamins instead such as zinc, vitamin c, vitamin D, calcium, magnesium, etc. Multivitamins rarely have the correct ratios and amount necessary in one capsule.

    Cod liver oil: Reduces inflammation. A great alternative is to get is fermented cod liver oil which has more natural ratios of vitamin A and D and contains probiotic properties. It is also twice the price or more.

    Pau d’arco: Ineffective and wouldn’t get this.

    Lemon juice/apple cider vinegar: Won’t really effect things very much but go ahead if you want.

    One’s I recommend:
    -Grape bitters: Heals the gut and other organs
    -Cinnamon pearls: Heals the gut
    -SF722 undecenoic acid: Very effective long term antifungal that candida cannot adapt to easily.
    -Molybdenum: Not too familiar with it but reduces die-off symptoms
    -Vitamin C with bioflavanoids (bioflavanoids contain detox properties beneficial to fighing candida).
    -Magnesium/zinc/calcium vitamin supplement

    One really effective way to detox is to sweat out the toxins via steam room, sauna, hot tub, or even hot bath. This will allow for the bodies biggest organ, the skin, to detox the dead candida from your body and will reduce die-off symptoms.



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    Lemon juice/apple cider vinegar: Won’t really effect things very much but go ahead if you want.

    Why do you say that Raster? From past discussions I would have thought the lemon in hot water was a very healthy addition to the detox plan and the apple cider vinegar a fairly vital part?

    Welcome qkly! Best of luck with your healing process.



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    qkly wrote:
    My main fear is that the anti fungals im taking are killing the probiotics im taking so therefore im kind of just doing circles and not getting better!

    This is a great question I have been wondering myself lately. Most antifungals are also antibiotics. Are we killing the probiotics we take by also taking antifungals/antibiotics? I usuall take my probiotics in the morning and my antifungals in the evening/night.

    Would we ever reach a point where we only take high doses of probiotics and no antifungals? After several months to a year of course, once our candida is dramatically reduced and under more control?

    Thanks! 🙂


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    I’ll take back my statements but don’t feel that it’ll be more or less effective than anything else you take. I haven’t heard of anyone specifically using apple cidar vinegar to cure them of candida or lemon juice alone…

    As far as the antibiotics concern, I am getting close to the point where I don’t need any more antifungals and only need probiotics…so there will/should be a time
    when you won’t need antifungals.



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    Thank you all kindly for the replies.

    The info on borax and food grade h2o2 i found on the earth clinic forum site,

    http://www.earthclinic.com/CURES/mystery-diagnosis.html – about 4-5 paragraphs down theres a few paragraphs relating directly to candida. (In a response to AGT)

    I have actually been taking the h202 an hour before any food in the mornings and have honestly been feeling much better for it.

    http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/oxygen.htm – this site focuses mainly on h202’s benefits for cancer, but is a very interesting read.

    Just really quick as well – Saccharomyces Cerevisiae, the organism in the probiotic formula mentioned above is in fact brewers yeast! Have heard good things about it in relation to overall wellbeing and candida control.

    http://www.academicjournals.org/ijmms/PDF/Pdf2011/March/Premanathan%20et%20al.pdf – the effects it had on a study done with oral thrush.

    “S. cerevisiae does not produce toxins that are harmful to humans or animals. However, it is capable of producing what are known as “killer toxins” that are fatal to other yeasts. S. cerevisiae is sometimes used in food and beverage preparation facilities to control the contamination of fermentation production areas by other kinds of yeasts. “ taken from – http://www.probiotic.org/saccharomyces-cerevisiae.htm

    @raster: I’ve heard about this! Candida hating the heat, as its summer here now definately going to get my sunlounge on! After browsing the site mentioned earlier for h202 info, theres a section in regards to sunlight: http://www.alkalizeforhealth.net/sunlight.htm Coconut oil is also fantastic as a sunscreen i’ve found. Apply liberally and you tan nicely without the burn! (provided you’re not out in it for too long of course)

    I will make a log (freehand in a journal) of my daily diet, activity levels, sleep, emotional and physical changes and update on the site every week or so!


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    For the h2o2, they are referring to enemas…which I personally don’t recommend or think is a way to cure the body/infestation.

    The other thing you are mentioning sounds like you are interested in alkalizing the body via lemon. Well, you aren’t even sure if its too acidic or not, are you? The only way to know for certain is to take a pH test, and have the results analyzed by a naturopathic doctor (or yourself if you want).

    The body will alkalize/acidify itself to the correct acidity as you do the diet. Additionally, if you are looking at removing heavy metals and parasites from the body; the probiotic does a great job of doing that as well.

    Even though you are looking at these alternative ideas, there are other/different ways to treat those issues one at a time.



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    qkly wrote: My main fear is that the anti fungals im taking are killing the probiotics im taking so therefore im kind of just doing circles and not getting better!

    Most antifungals can kill bacteria, and antifungals certainly can’t tell the good bacteria from the bad, so both are killed in the process. The antifungals that do not destroy the beneficial bacteria are ‘whole foods’. Examples are raw garlic or garlic oil and coconut oil. Garlic is not only an antifungal, but it’s also a prebiotic which as most of you know is food for the bacteria in the intestines. Coconut oil is a natural whole food antifungal but it also works by changing the environment of the intestines so that it is less hospitable for the Candida but more beneficial for the beneficial bacteria because of its acidic nature.

    The fact that antifungals kill the beneficial bacteria is also the reason why you shouldn’t continue taking the bacteria-destroying antifungals long into the treatment, but only until you have the Candida population under control, or reduced to the point of very mild Candida symptoms. At that time you can depend on the probiotics and diet to complete the treatment. This is also the reason for taking such a high count of probiotics – in order to replace the bacteria that are being destroyed as well as rebuild the flora which was damaged by the Candida infestation.


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