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    I’m partucularly keen on two companies who’s teas look wonderful.
    Pukka organic herbal teas:

    The stuff i’m not sure about are:

    vanilla pod
    honeybush leaf
    licorice root
    red ginseng [whole root]
    roasted black maca root
    shatavari root (Indian asparagus)
    hibiscus flower
    rose flower
    dandelion root
    Fairtrade Sencha green whole leaf
    lemon verbena leaf
    lemon essential oil extract
    whole Sicilian lemon
    elder flower
    marigold petal
    lavender flower
    Peppermint leaf
    spearmint leaf
    fieldmint leaf
    Oat flower
    chamomile flower
    lavender flower
    lime flower
    valerian root
    aloe vera leaf(concentrated natural extract).

    Also ‘sweet’ fennel and ‘sweet’ mint but i can’t imagine a problem with that.

    There are stuff here I haven’t heard of and other stuff in different forms [oil, seed, flower, leaf etc] so thankyou!

    I also like the look of YOGI but they use a LOT of ingredients and i’m not sure it’s organic, if someone could take a look would much appreciate it:


    suspect ingredients are to much to list but there are things i know are suspect such as barley malt, various fruits, chilli and orange peel, also undisclosed ‘natural flavours’.


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    The yogi detox tea is great for detoxing early in your treatment, this is the only one I can suggest. Each of these teas have different health benefits, so this is something you should consider when choosing out a tea.

    I created this herbal tea list awhile back that shows the different health properties of each type of tea:




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    Yeah I prefer the Pukka brand, the Yogi one’s has some suspect ingredients & a slightly more synthetic taste.

    The Pukka relax tea has marshmallow root which is said to be good for leaky gut.
    I also like their vanilla chai.

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