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    Hi all, I finally decided to register for this website and submit myself to the cleanse after months of consideration. I have visited here at a friend’s suggestion and adopted some of the antifungal regimens and detox drinks. I stopped drinking caffeine, started eating loads of fresh vegetables. I tried to jump into stage 2 of the diet, lasted a week, felt great, but fell back into my old sugar/gluten routine. I’m still addicted to sugar and I crave it constantly. I would eat sugar all day everyday if I could.

    This week I got another UTI—perhaps my fourth in a year? It was so severe I had to leave work for three days. I was urinating blood, had a fever etc, but I refuse to go to the doctor and take anti-biotics because I suspect this will cause more systemic problems in my body. I was able to stop most of the pain and flush the bleeding with a TON of water and cranberry juice, then Sanjin, a Chinese herb, and baking soda to neutralize the acid in my urine.

    These UTIs are SO PAINFUL they feel as if you are urinating little pieces of glass. If anyone has had one of these, you know what I am talking about. NO MORE. Something’s gotta give. Granted, I was not entirely following the protocol for avoiding UTIs, but it seems like I have to be PERFECT in this respect to avoid them and even then sometimes I get one.

    Am I silly not to go to the doctor for a stiff round of antibiotics? I don’t want to promote more yeast infections on top of this UTI infection.

    Another reason I am motivated to try this diet is that I have vitiligo which has spread from the back of my neck, into my hair and in parts of my face. I use a lot of sunscreen so it’s difficult to notice in the winter, but the condition affects me psychologically. It’s depressing. I don’t feel as pretty as I used to and I can’t ever get back my gorgeous tan. I can’t go and enjoy the beach like normal people!

    Also, I have suffered from hyperhydrosis since I was a child which makes it impossible for me to wear sandals. Quite understandably, summer is not my favorite time of year.

    All this said, my hyperhydrosis does seems a bit better now that I mostly stopped eating gluten. Am I imagining this?

    Another symptom is acne—nothing severe, just little bumps under the surface of my skin, my jaw line and usually one or two big noticeable pimples. About two years ago, I followed an extremely healthy diet, not gluten free, but little sugar or alcohol and my pictures from that time show a much smoother and clearer skin. I WAS on the pill at that time which could be responsible but I DO NOT wish to continue filling my body with fake hormones. I don’t know what the eventual consequence of this will be.

    In terms of the “brain fog” symptoms of Candida, I don’t know what that is, specifically. I am easily distracted, people describe me as “spacey”, but I don’t know if I can contribute this to a yeast overgrowth, rather a lack of discipline and internal focus.

    Any stories or helpful comments about conquering vitiligo, UTIs, yeast infections, acne, or sugar cravings through the Candida cleanse and diet would be greatly appreciated.



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    Hi Rachel,

    Back last Oct 2011 I had a severe kidney, bladder, uti infection that antibiotics would not help. After suffering for a month and the antibiotics failed, I researched the internet and found out about a product called D-mannose w/cranactin.

    I did try cranberry juice and supplements first that didn’t help. In desperation and much pain, I tried D-mannose w/cranactin and it did clear up my infection. This was before I found out that I had candidias. There is some debate whether D-mannose will feed candida or not. D-mannose is a form of sugar but it is not metabolized in the same way, and is excreted by the kidneys. Some believe that bacteria (particulary E-Coli) and possibly candida bind to the D-mannose and are then excreted out. Not sure that there is any scientific proof of this, but I know that it definitely helped my infection. If you google it, you will find differing opinions and experiences some in favor others not.

    I was in such a desparate state and it was a priority to clear up my infection, that I took it. In my case it definitely cured my infection and I haven’t had one since. But, then I came down with such a severe case of candidias also. This probably was due more to the fact that I was on antibiotics long term several times within six months for various infections.

    I am opening this up to a topic of discussion as to the pros and cons of using this for uti’s. Anybody have any information on this about how it affects candida?

    Also, I heard that alicin (spelling?) may help with uti’s as well.

    All the best,



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    I had re-occuring yeast infections for 2 years. That is how I determined I had a candida problem. I found a simple technique to fight the yeast infections. Take a clove of organic garlic, peal it (making certain not to nick the surface), then insert it into your vagina. This method, though somewhat strange has stopped my YI symptoms in their tracks. It is best to change the garlic every 2-4 hours. The more you change it, the better it works.

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