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    Hi. I’m new here! Been using the website since I found out I had candida (in November) but never realised there was a forum until today!

    Apologies in advance, this is a long post, but thought rather than people ask lots of questions, I’d pre-empt a lot of them with the background info and supplements!

    A bit of background:

    • Saw a nutritional therapist who was pretty sure I had candida due to me having about 80% of the listed conditions!
    • Had the test and was positive.
    • I can trace it back about 11 years 🙁
    • Started the diet in early November and was super strict until Christmas when I fell of the wagon for a couple of weeks, although was still careful-ish!
    • Back on it again in January
    • Have the very occasional small potato but generally I’m good at sticking to it.
    • I am eating apples, pears and citrus fruits, most of the time stewed to help with digestion.

    Main medical issues are:

    • constipation (with very occasional diarrhoea but that I think is normally induced by a build up and medication helping it out).
    • Muscle stiffness and inflammation
    • Depression
    • Constant dry mouth
    • Lethargy … and a few more but these are the main ones.

    Current supplements

    • Beetroot extract (Biocare) – 2 per day before meals
    • Sea plasma (Biocare) – 2 per day before meals
    • Hydrozyme (Biotics Research) – 3 before each meal but just twice a day
    • Mega EPA – high potency fish oil (Biocare) – 2 per day with meals
    • Super D3 (Allergy Research Group)
    • Lactobacillus plantarum/rhamnosus/salivarius (Allergy Research Group) – 1 tab at night
    • Magnesium Citrate 300mg at night (Allergy Research Group)

    I have ADP (Oil of Oregano, ARG) as anti-fungals as I was on them before – long story but some advice from a separate NT said I should be on them, but my NT said to hold off on them as we shouldn’t hit the candida too hard too fast as it can go into hibernation. She wants to get the constipation under control before starting these again.

    Also, I did have surgery in 2002 to have my sigmoid colon removed as they thought it was lazy, but it made no difference.

    Anyway, as above, one of my many symptoms is constipation. Had it for years and was using a variety of medications to help it – mostly Normacol and Movicol (steracula) with a bit of bisacodyl (tablet form). (I’m in the UK so hope you know what they are as I know different names are used). The Normacol is covered in sweetener so had to stop using that and the problem with most of the more natural type of constipation remedies are that they contain or are covered in sugar or sweetener.

    So now, I’m just using the Bisacodyl tablets, but they are quite harsh. I have got some flaxseed which when I remember I take a tablespoon or so with water, and it helps a bit, but wondered if there was any other advice out there please?!

    Thank you!


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    Hello and welcome to the forum.

    There’s a thread written about this subject and the various remedies you can try.
    Constipation Remedies.

    We also have a Forum Protocol as well as a strict diet which most of the members use. You’re welcome to read the
    Testimonies to the Diet and Protocol which are quite impressive.

    Let us know if you have any questions.


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    Thank you very much. Will check these out.


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    If you are having trouble with constipation, you should definitely try to eat more vegetables. I have found that avocadoes really help keep me regular. If you can’t do too much raw (sometimes hard on belly), try to steam them or lightly saute. Also, I use the coconut-oat bran recipe of Able’s bread and there is no way I could be constipated on that! Lol!


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    I have the same issues. What I can tell you first is stay away from the stimulant laxatives (Bisacodyl, Senna, etc.)as these are very bad for your colon. These should be your VERY LAST option.

    Stool softeners are more safe (Miralax, magnesium citrate (liquid), etc.).

    Fiber (or lack of) is very rarely the cause for constipation in my opinion. It MAY help but in my 5 years with the issue its never helped to much, and some fiber makes it worse.

    What has been helping me recently is electrolyte power and Inulin (Miracle Fiber). I’ve only been using this for a few months and im always skeptical.
    Stay tuned…….


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    Thanks both for posting. Kag, I do eat stacks of veg so don’t think it’s a fibre thing.

    Danny, thanks for these. I do take Mag Citrate but not in liquid form. Not heard of the other things but will run them past my NT and see what she thinks too.

    Oh, and I do make the coconut bread, but haven’t seen the oat bran version. I’ll try and find that!

    Cheers 😀


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    try hot water with a whole lemon every morning, with the seeds/peel if organic. this really helped me.


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    Hey Ally, I had someone at work tell me that they used aloe vera juice for a a laxative. Just thought I would pass it on to you.

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