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    I’m with Annilee, though I started the liquid version on the cleanse on Friday. Though probably a bad time to start as I had minor nose surgery that morning.

    I’ve been pretty good, though the first batch of broth I Put in a whole table spoon on cayenne. Whoa nelly… Sad to say I have has a few almonds though, I needed something to chew. Hopefully the almonds won’t do too much harm.

    I think I’m fine with the lack of protein, I just need to chew! That and the broth is starting to make me nauseous… I probably drink about 4 cups 3 times a day. Seeing all the good boiled veggies for. The broth makes me want to dive In and eat it all.

    I’m thinking this might be a bad time to start as I’ve been on Tylenol with codeine (2x /day, more in evening) and a bit of Xanax to help me sleep. Since starting the cleanse Friday I’ve only had one BM last night after taking some milk of magnesia. Went out and got some Smooth Move today though nothing so far. Makes me a bit worried that if I’m detoxing and not removing the waste I might be doing mOre harm than good?

    I was hoping that since I had this week off it would be a good time to start cleanse.

    Is there a hybrid of the Liquid cleanse and the steamed veggie one.

    Suggestions, comments concerns?


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