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    I am brand new to this and I just started the “harder option” stage one cleanse on Saturday. I am wondering if anyone can share their experience with this or offer any help.

    I thought it would be easier to just get stage one over with so I opted for the more difficult option and boy, is it hard! I have injested nothing in the past couple of days except for the home-made veggie broth, detox drinks, a liver flush drink and some peppermint tea.

    I have had a terrible headache and some nausea for most of today. I hope someone can share their experience with this. I have to go back to work tomorrow and I’m dreading it. I don’t know if I will feel up to working. And to top it off, I have my performace evaluation tomorrow! Ugh!!!


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    Hello, Christy, welcome to the forum.

    First I should ask you if you’re taking Molybdenum Amino Acid Chelate. If not, this can help you a great deal with the die-off toxins which are making you sick and giving you headaches.

    Second, there is no use in you doing this type of cleanse if it’s making you this sick, because you can cure your infestation with or without the cleanse. There is also an easier cleanse which allows you to eat. This will help you a great deal tomorrow when you have to go back to work. This is the link to the Simple Cleanse

    Let us know if you have questions.


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    Christy welcome!

    I don’t know how you can work on the cleanse. I couldn’t work on the cleanse and I choose the “eat food” option. I think the cleanse effected my hard because I stopped taking my vitamins. I had bad body aches and couldn’t sleep or relax.

    Good luck to you!


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    Hi Christy! I am so proud of you for being here and loving yourself enough with courage to do this! So far, this site and the support has helped me tremendously be solid in my commitment to heal these imbalances.

    I just got through a 5 days of the colon cleanse option of the strict diet w/enemas every day or two (water or garlic, b/c of suspected parasites from long trips to Mexico), Silymarin tablets 300g & Pau D’Arco 2x/day, and lots of lemon water and a supplement called CALM for Magnesium/Calcium balance. I have not had symptoms besides some weakness/fatigue some days, and a rash sporadically.

    Evaluate if you are getting the vitamins/minerals you need for especially for the times when you need to exert yourself more. Remember to LISTEN really well to what your body, not your mind (or the candida for that matter) wants. Breathe through your nose as often as you can. It really helps with the anxiety that can accompany the cravings for foods. Mind/body balance is key, so any practices you may have ever practiced, or do presently will help a great deal too…and will very likely be more powerful during this kind of fast. Give it a try! Even 10 min. of any meditation you choose. Knowing when you do start eating foods, you will bring so much creativity to the table!

    Today was my first day I started to eat food. Greens, herbs, celery, and a bit of summer squash tossed with coco oil and himalayan salt and lime. My thing is I was craving FATS more than anything (maybe a cappuccino too)! I ended up diving into more guacamole than I would usually eat in one sitting. Not sure what this is about.

    ONE DAY AT A TIME! Keep it up! Breathe!

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