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    Is there anyone on this forum who lives in the UK? I really need the support of a local Candida practitioner but have been unable to find one where I live (Plymouth, Devon) or indeed anywhere near here. All the addresses I have are no longer in existence. Is there anyone who can recommend someone or has any info that can help me? My die off reactions to this diet have been so severe that I have had to have hospital treatment and really need the support of a knowledgeable practitioner. Any help would be appreciated.


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    I would recommend Dr. Theodora Mantzourani in London.


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    I do not know any doctor in the UK .(sorry my English I am foreign) But I can tell you what I did with my candida. I wish this information can help you. I suffer for years, at least fifteen years or more. I did try different diets and products and nothing really help me. Many times horrible die off.I found the book , Eat right for your type by Dr Peter D’Adamo.I bought it in .Only you need to know the type of blood that you have. I am AB ,my stomach do not make enough acid for digestion, and all the disgusting candida came. The doctor explained in his book. I bought the cookbook,the Poliflora and the Deflect that is a lectin blocking formula design for Ab blood individuals. I did it for a week the probiotic and the Deflect , I did have a little headache for 3 days and thats it. The candida is gone.Hope my story help you.By the way I am not a seller of any kind, I just want to be kind .


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    If you cut out yeast products white bread donuts brewers yeast beer for a couple of weeks you’ll find your symptoms will disappear. If you start yeast products it will come back. It’s estimated 1.7 billion people have yeast ibs problems

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