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    Has anyone extreme itching and burning of there whole body! I’m going insane nothing helps. I month ago I started to have an itch in the middle of my back that would not go away. Then a few weeks later it moved to my whole back. I thought it way an allergic reaction to a bug bit or something, so I took anti histamines, which did nothing. I started to see a small rash appear different places on my body which looked like a rash my sister has and she has candida so I thought that might be my problem. So I did the spit test and it came back positive, by this time I have a white film on my tongue. I know the spit test is not that scientific so I ordered a candida Antibody test on line and it came back high for the candida Antibody IgA which shows a infection in the mucous membranes. I have started the diet no sugar at all and antifungal herbs. But still no relief from this itching and burning skin. It is not in the vaginal area, just every where else. I can’t sleep because I am up scratching.

    Anyone had these symptoms with candida and did anything help with the itchy and burning skin?


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    The white tongue is definitely an indicator that the flora in your mouth are imbalanced, which could be Candida.

    I’m surprised that your rash is on your back – usually rashes tend to start in warm, moist areas like armpits.

    Have you tried coconut oil on the rash? It’s an antifungal (and great for anti-aging too!) which might help to restore your skin flora to a more natural state.


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    I occasionally get crazy itching on body with candida detox. I take a Claratin and it goes away. It helps if you can access a sauna/steam room regularly as it will help the toxins release through the skin. I didn’t start itching until the gym I used closed. At first I thought it was allergic reaction to something I took. I finally realized it wasn’t something I added but something I took away (steam room from old gym).

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