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    Hello everyone!
    I have just been diagnosed with a candida krusei infection, and I am wondering if anyone else here has been through that? I’m taking the diet really seriously, however the internet is a very confusing place when you start looking at what to eat and what not to eat. One dr/website says one thing and another completely different. The list of foods I can eat and can’t eat varies from others, but I see this as a trend all over.

    Potatoes, carrots? My list says yes, others say no. My list says no fruit, others say some is ok. I am super confused! There is a small amount of tapioca starch in my coconut plant based yogurt, is this ok? Perhaps my list is different due to the strain of candida I am fighting?? I

    I am on antifungals, and will be for 6 months, taking vitamin d and c daily, weekly b12 shots, and double doses of probiotics. I don’t eat animal products, and prior to finding this out my diet was already pretty clean. My sweet tooth called for dark chocolate at most two times a month and maybe a gluten free cookie here or there.

    Any tips? Would love to connect with someone else who has experienced candida krusei as the information on this strain is hard to find.


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