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    Anyone living in London, or the UK, who gets hayfever prob has had some of the worst they have ever had this season. Do the over the counter drugs effect treating candida?


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    Hi Benc,

    In my opinion, taking any OTC meds are destructive and only suppress the symptoms, but I take OTC when it gets too overwelming and can’t take it anymore. I have noticed that as my candida symptoms got better that I have had less allergic symptoms this season and that I don’t need to take the allergy meds/inhalers like I use to. I would also like to know the answer to this question, anyone else have an opinion? Might try googling it.



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    I too suffer from hayfever. I have found that most of my allergy symptoms have disappeared. However, the other day I was outside at sons baseball game for 5 hours and had to take a pill. I did not notice any affects on me. Except it dried up my runny nose 🙂 Not very sceintific 🙂

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