has anyone truly beaten it? sorry, turned into a rant……

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    I’ve been away for a while, just living my life with this, slowly working on cutting out bad stuff from my diet.

    Most of the time I am finding a balance where I don’t have infections.

    Can I ask, has anyone followed one of the diets and completely beaten it so that they were able to go back to normal eating or has everyone had to carry on with a special diet for ever?

    The reason I ask is I just wonder if I will ever be free of this. I know I do eat some bad stuff so it’s my fault it hasn’t gone, but I am trying to be realistic and live as normal a life as possible.

    I get it from my husband and he will do nothing about it. I’m really quite down about it. He is a total sugar junkie, there is no way I can even get him to see a doc to get checked and get meds (if there were any) let alone change his diet… so I have to live with this.

    I have made him use condoms now and oral sex is off the menu but at the moment I am completely peed off that i am having to take all these supplements, make sure I have my home made anti-infection wet wipes with me and not be able to eat normal food because of this!!!

    I am fed up with it!!!!!

    I used to enjoy sex but now I am so sore at the slightest hint of an infection that my vaginismus is back so sex is just painful again.. and I worked SO F***ING HARD to beat that!!!!

    I don’t have the other symptoms, just the infections.. I can’t get to see a doc and the swabs the nurse took came up negative (I think I was in die-off) so they said I didn’t have it.

    Sorry.. this turned into a rant and it wasn’t meant to, I guess it all just needed to come out.


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    sorry to hear that your having a rough time with it all. i and many others on here know exactly how you feel.

    not having support from the other half is really uncomforting i know, my missis constantly on my case to eat properly and stop taking all those silly tablets, she reckons theres nothing wrong with me!! even tho ive been tested for candida!!

    im convinced my missis has it too but she wont listen to me. I have just given up and ignore her now and carry on with my diet and supplements because i know if i dont then im gonna be in trouble and that sorta spurs me on to keep on the right track.

    as for anyone beating this thing………. yes theres Able on here which has beaten it and also others ive read about. As for going back to a ‘normal diet’ i dont think its really realistic, more relaxed diet yes but not a diet heavy in sugar or short chain carbs.

    i was dreading the start of this diet and the first ten days were hell, im on week 7 now and have deciced to stick to stage one diet as im finding it normal now and would never ever go back to my normal diet because i know how bad it was and im feeling great now andd so will you, and thats enough to keep you going

    all the best



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    Hi Folks,

    I would like to tell you that as a therapist, I have had good success with treating people with candida. Have a look at Micaela’s story here: http://www.yourgoodhealth-naturally.co.uk
    The first few days are gruelling but it truly can work – if it worked for Micaela it can work for anyone!

    I actually joined this forum for some information but I saw your question and wanted to reassure you that it is indeed possible to escape the vice-like grip of candida.



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    I can understand your frustration, but here is an encouraging story of a friend of mine. She struggled with candida all her life. It damaged internal organs like her liver. She also went blind in one eye. Finally she found a diet similiar to this one the book was written by Dr. William Crook or Cook. After 40 years of health problems and miscarriages for no explicable reason, she is healthy and 8 months pregnant! So don’t give up.

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