Has anyone here got rid of candida?

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    Can you get rid of it totally? Or is it impossible?

    What is your best success with getting rid of this infection? I’d love to get my health back but
    I have not much faith in success ๐Ÿ™ I feel like I’m doomed to live with this condition. I don’t have any energy to fight this demon ๐Ÿ™


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    Your frustration oozes off the screen. I can relate. I am new to this so by no means an expert. But it is my understanding, that you never get rid of it. You need some of the good candida. What you want is a better balance, so you start to feel better. I think it’s more a managed condition than something that can be gotten rid of. So as someone who freely ate donuts and drank wine and never gained a pound, I will most likely never be able to do that again. But I might get to the point where I can introduce some “fun” foods once in a while and have a somewhat normal life. But my normal is now a new normal. : (


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    Basically, if you killed all of the candida in your body you wouldn’t be alive…we need it for our general health. However, this is non-pathogenic candida. We don’t need any pathogenic candida in our bodies, so one of the goals should be getting rid of the pathogenic candida.

    We have a bunch of testimonies from people who have succeeded from the diet/protocol:

    I basically can eat whatever I want now…I just shouldn’t eat the bad stuff everyday because its hard on the liver.


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