Has anyone done Meyer's Cocktail infusions while fighting candida?

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    My naturopath offers this and I tried one once, about 2 years ago, when I was recovering from adrenal fatigue, and I felt great until the next morning when I had a freak-out reaction.
    My alternative-ish medical doctor gave me a B-12 shot three months ago when I was getting labwork interpreted and I felt awesome for a day or two afterward.
    I’m debating whether to return to my naturopath to try an MC again, operating on the assumption that my absorption of vitamins is compromised by the infestation.
    Just wondered if anyone else had used this as a therapy during their candida recovery.


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    In my opinion there is no need to be aggressive in treating adrenal fatigue because it takes a very long time for them to heal and get better again…it takes years to heal them to the point where you feel pretty good again. They need to be healed incrementally slowly as you slowly get over candida. If you treat just the candida and/or just the adrenal fatigue too aggressively then the other problem will get out of balance (or your body will get out of balance).

    I don’t think its best to take a treatment that may cause imbalance…it sounds like its a potent and strong treatment and I am unsure whether it’ll bring long term benefit.

    In my opinion its best to use food derived supplements to treat adrenal fatigue and other health problems such as drenamin which has worked quite well for me and my wife.

    Your body doesn’t absorb more than vitamins…it doesn’t absorb a lot of things when you are compromised. This doesn’t mean you should start taking injections because of this…you just need to get your gut and liver stronger which can happen in as little as a few months.

    There also is a very strong relationship between the liver and your adrenals that I would look at further; if your liver isn’t functioning optimally, so won’t a lot of your other organs. Its not just your adrenals that need to be addresssed, it is multiple organs.



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    Thanks, Raster, for your feedback. I hadn’t considered that my adrenal fatigue might be back, but now that I think about it, my energy cycles during the day much the way it did two years ago when I was struggling with adrenal issues, and it would not surprise me if the toll candida is taking hasn’t re-stressed my adrenals. I may go back in to my naturopath to assess how I’m doing — I’ve been avoiding it because I’m already on so many supplements right now and that is his primary tool as well, but it might be a good idea to check in with him.

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