Hardoned muccos in throat/ vocal chords?

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    I am not sure whether this would be a symptom of candida as i’ve had it for years and it doesn’t give me alot of physical complication other than being just annoying…

    But i have this “gravelly/croaky” content to my voice when i speak.. it doesnt give me any pain but it does feel slightly uncomfortable. Sometimes randomly i might bring up muccos and then immediately after that i notice that my voice is much smoother when i speak.. but only for a couple of minutes then my voice feels all hardoned and croaky again. I figure that it must be hardened muccos on my voccal chords or something producing that croaky content.. because when i bring up muccos it will always disappear.. but only for a few minutes. And anytime i get a cold my voice will always sound much smoother as i am constantly coughing and bringing up muccos. I rarely get colds though.. also i rarely suffer from sore/horase throats either. Thoughts?


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    Mucous production and candida are linked and you should not have any mucous production if you are healthy.


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