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    I just found out about candida last year after having about three or four back-to-back yeast infections last year that either the fluconzanole (sp) didn’t help or returned shortly after the treatment. A Google search about causes of recurring yeast infections lead me to the candida diet (and its variations). Prior to this revelation, I had already been eating more healthily for general well-being, however I would still indulge in cereal (my favorite food), cheese, cookies (especially Oreos, which in hindsight I realize that the yeast infections occured after a couple of Oreo binges), and the occasional Toaster Strudel. Generally, though, I ate healthily. After researching candida, I decided I try the diet because this last bout of a yeast infection survived two fluc. pills and has lasted 4 months (and counting).

    Because I was relocating across the country in a few months, I decided to wait until I moved to begin the diet. I didn’t realize exactly how complicated it would be to maintain the diet. The first time around, breakfast was pretty easy – 2 boiled eggs, sliced zucchini, and cherry tomatoes. To stave off hunger while I was on campus, I would eat Trader Joe’s unshelled sunflower seeds (prior to knowing anything about soaking or hearing that raw seeds were supposedly better than salted). Dinner was either chicken and broccoli or some kind of salad. At the same time, I was taking a Trader Joe’s detox set that cleansed the digestive system and the liver as well as provided fiber. I think I was doing well because the die-off systems came full force – light headedness/fainting and intense itching while I was asleep. After a couple of weeks, though, I noticed diminished symptoms and surprising energy; I didn’t feel the need to nap during or after class! I was living with a friend and decided that I would postpone the diet until I moved into my apartment in the coming weeks.

    I moved into my apt and since it didn’t come with a fridge, I bought a little bit of stuff to tie me over until I could procure a refrigerator. When I finally did go shopping, I bought all of the essentials I didn’t already buy during the first grocery trip – fresh veggies, ground turkey, frozen veggies, almond butter, ginger tea, etc. What I DIDN’T have was anything to take with me to class to stave off hunger and since I had since read that salted, not “raw” sunflower seeds were either not good for you or forbidden from the diet, I hadn’t bought anymore.

    I moved about a month ago and I am again back off of the diet. I go back home (across the country) this weekend for spring break but will be back on the diet full force upon my return. And that’s my story. If you all have any tips, tricks, or knowledge to drop on me, PLEASE feel free to do so. I think my main problem is eating while I’m at school. Although I only have one class that’s three hours long, the time in between breakfast and our 20-minute break leaves me ridiculously hungry and susceptible to runs to the nearby 7-11.

    I look forward to learning, learning, learning, and ultimately healing.


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