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    Here’s a multi-point question. I found seeds for sprouting and lots of seeds for glorious greens that can’t be found in a local market, all in Pinetree Seeds Catalog (and I’m sure other catalogs have these goodies, too). I want to suggest to you that if you have the space outdoors to try to grow some greens or broccoli or other vegetables, either via small plants or from seeds. I’ve had mixed success with these but the successes are grand. This summer I’m planning to use lots of containers to put the plants I want in the sun. In the past I’ve just moaned about how my little garden spot doesn’t get enough sun. This year I’ll put the pots where the sun is.

    About sprouts, are there any particular types to avoid (like the kind we couldn’t eat as a plant like chickpeas or beans)? Any special ones to make sure we get?

    Timing questions: I’m still unclear on when to eat/take various things. Probiotic first thing in the morning (I’m on week 4 so soon I’ll be having one before bed as well). When (if at all) are we to take raw garlic so that it will not kill the good bacteria? How many cloves per day? When are we to drink the kefir?

    I enjoy the forum and reading others’ posts and I have learned so much.



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    I would imagine that most vegetable sprouts including bean sprouts would be acceptable.
    Most of your concerns are taken care of by the Forum Protocol which I imagine you’ve already read.

    I would reduce the garlic cloves to one a day if you still have a good bit of die-off, otherwise, I’d stop it completely since you’re taking probiotics and are ready to start kefir which should be started any time after two weeks on the diet.


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