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    This recipe is amazing and tastes ssssoooo good! It does use red meat (of course) and organic butter. I do not use ghee just because I have never tried it and organic butter does not cause any sort of flair up for me.

    Grilled Ribeye Steaks:

    2 Ribeye Steaks (can do more or less but works best with two)
    1 large sweet onion cut into 3/4 inch rings
    4 scallions diced
    2 organic celery sticks diced (celery is one of the foods that has the highest amount of pesticides so I highly recommend organic)
    1 garlic clove minced
    3 T organic butter or ghee
    salt and pepper
    Gas Grill (only because I do not know how to adjust recipe to a charcoal grill)
    Cast iron skillet

    Warm on the grill with the cast iron skillet in it. While the skillet and grill are warming, Take the two ribeye steaks and season both sides with salt and pepper. Make sure to pat the salt and pepper into the steak so it will keep the flavor.

    Once the grill is warmed up but the two steaks on one side on the grill and let them sit for about two minutes.
    While that cooks put 2 T butter in the skillet along with the onions.
    Flip the steaks and cook them another two minutes.
    The onions need to be cooked to where they are a golden brown on both sides.
    Take the ribeyes off the grill set aside.
    Once the onions are browned take them out and put them to the side and put the last 1T of butter in the skillet along with the scallions, celery, and garlic.
    Cook them until fragrant or lightly browned about 2 minutes.
    Put the ribeyes in the skillet with the scallions, celery and garlic mixture.
    Put the onions on top of the steaks.
    Cook the steaks on both sides for how ever long you like your steak cooked for. I like mine medium to medium well. So do about 2-4 minutes on each side.
    Serve and eat.

    For sides I usually use grilled vegetables or a salad.

    This is a list of the foods that have the highest amount of pesticides:
    Got this recipe from:

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