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    Just thought I’d pop in and share some good news I’ve been having with the whole Candida thing.

    I’m on day 35 now of the diet and about day 25 of using Anti-fungals.

    A little about me, I’ve had bad generalized anxiety and insomnia everyday for the past 4 years, and now as of about 10 days ago…

    My anxiety has significantly decreased, I’m sleeping 7-9 hours a night and I’m actually leaving the house everyday again – which for the past 3 months has been on rare occasions.

    I seem to have a moderate depression which is setting in now, but shit I’d take that over the anxiety I was experiencing any day, I can only hope/imagine over the next couple months that depression feeling will dissipate too.

    So hey, I’m definately getting results from this and I really starting to feel like there is hope!

    I’m taking:

    Organic Coconut Oil
    Oil of Wild Oregano
    Olive Leaf Extract
    Probiotics 150 billion
    Kolorex (which i find pretty damn good, even the candida infection i have on my skin is improving)
    10gm of Flaxseed oil

    I’ve tried Candex and Syntol for about 25 days, and I didn’t feel like they did do shit for me and only gave me side effects.

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