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    Hi all,

    Hubby’s taking me away to our favourite spa hotel for a weekend in February! So excited! But I didn’t come here to gloat… but to get advice on what I should eat over the weekend away? I know I’m going to have to plan carefully and also accept that I’ll probably have a few hidden nasties that will be inevitable. BUT the planning and potential set-back are waaaaaaay outweighted by the prospect of 2 nights sleep (without the 4 kids yay!), 2 days lounging in a spa… and pletny of quality time with the other half. Bliss!

    So I was thinking…

    *There will be a mini bar fridge & a kettle in the room so I will bring plenty lemons to drink and for lunches avocado, tinned sardines, rocket & a little tub of homemade dressing, maybe have some homemade mayo with me too. I’d also have little packs of buckwheat crispbread and coconut oil as a snack.

    * Breakfast will be in the dining room and there’s a cold buffet and hot food to order. The only thing on the buffet I can eat will be natural yoghurt (last time they had fancy little expensive looking tubs so it’s hopefully not total rubbish). Then I was thinking I could order 2 fried eggs (they won’t be organic but hopefully free range… can’t order poached because they’d use vinegar in the water… or scrambled because they’d use butter) and could ask them to toast/ grill 2 slices of my own coconut bread and bring a little tub of coconut oil with me.

    *Dinners are the tricky bit. 1 dinner will be at the hotel and the last time we satyed I remember it all being very heavy, lots of heavy sauces and thinks like sweet potato puree etc. I’m hoping there’ll be fish or prawns on the menu and I could just have that grilled with a plain side salad (bring my own dressing). Or if there was lamb I suppose I could have a small portion – and hopefully they’d have some plain veg like broccolli.

    I know it’s nearly a month away but I want to get things straight in my head so I’m not worried about the food side of things. I want (should I say need!) to completely relax when I’m there and also not go hungry! For my supplements I have one of those pill didvider things and I’ll pile them up so I’m not bringing a trailer full of tubs!

    And I was thinking that even if there are some nasties I’m ingesting… I’ll be in the sauna/ steam room each day (I’ll make sure I go Sunday morning too before coming away) so I should hopefully rid myself of the toxins as I’m ingesting… or is that the way it works? I dunno, but I love the sauna anyway so I’ll stick to that theory!

    Right… now off to plan my wardrobe! (Did I mention I was excited?!!)



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    Very excited for you for your weekend away!

    Great idea to plan ahead on the food. Kind of takes some of the fun away on the weekend (I really miss not having to worry about food so much, especially when away from home) but necessary.

    I’m looking forward to the time when no longer have to bring food and have such a strict schedule when I need to take my supplements. Haven’t quite been able to travel yet without feeling pretty crappy.

    Have a great time and we are looking forward to hearing how it goes. Will this trip be for Valentine’s Day? 🙂



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    Hey Kirsty… It’s a late Christmas pressie but will probably be the weekend before valentines which is a lovely bonus! He mentioned it before but I put him off because I couldn’t face all the hassle around the food/ supplements/ oil pulling etc while away. Also up until a couple weeks ago I still had the guttate poriasis too and that was getting me down mentally as well as being uncomfortable physically. Hard to feel relaxed & sexy 😉 when covered in itchy scabs!!

    As I said, I know it’s early to be thinking about it but I don’t want a last minute panic and have it on my mind over the weekend. It’s a huge nuisance having your life resolve around this “condition” isn’t it? I’m looking forward to being able to relax a bit and just sit & eat with the kids.



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    I’m so happy for you!!! My daughter and I are batting around the idea of driving to Florida in Feburary and staying with my folks for a week. I too am trying to think how that will go. I can tell you I went out to eat one time since I was on the diet. I just told the waitress I was highly alergic to many foods and could I please have my food cooked a certain way. I had my whitefish broiled…not the way it was described on menu. I told them I could have seasoning on it as well. Then I had steamed summer squash with zuccini for my veggie. They brought me a huge bowl of lemons I used them on the fish as well as on my salad that I did have to send back once as I said I needed it plain and out it came w/ cheese on it. It was no big deal. The meal was wonderful and it felt so good to have someone else cook for me:). The resturant was fine about every thing. I think they understood. Call ahead and talk to the chef I have a feeling they will be willing to work with you more than you think.

    We went skiing for a long weekend as well but stayed in a cabin. I just took my carton of eggs, kefir, salad and bags of veggies…time flies when your having fun and your not dwelling on what to eat and when…I took small sizes of greek yogurt and ate those on the go as well. Don’t fret. Enjoy. How thoughtful of your husband to take you away. I hope you have the most wonderful and restful time 🙂

    I’ll let you know if I decide to head to Florida…I need the sunshine and warm weather and think swiming in warm salt water will feel wonderful.


    If I want I can snack on the seawead lol.


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    Sounds like so much fun!
    Enjoy a small break! Don’t go crazy.
    Make the best choices that you can!
    Takes lots of probiotics and antifungals with you!

    Let us know how it goes.

    And I would recommend for this and with anything keep a journal. See how these new foods make you react and how long it takes to get a reaction. Perhaps you’ll be surprised.

    Every day I track,
    *what time I went to sleep, when I woke up
    *what symptoms I’m displaying (how I feel)
    *what supplements I took
    *how much water I drank
    *Exactly what I ate
    *My weight and measurements (I want to make sure I don’t lose too much)
    *What physical activity I did

    This is a great way to really understand how your body reacts, what your reaction time is and a great way to look back to see how you’re doing.

    Good luck and have fun.


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    Mmmmmm seaweed!! Oh, I really hope you decide to go. Don’t let this hold you back! As you say, you managed the ski trip btining your own bits so you can do the same. Would your folks understand? Why not offer to make the main meal/s so at least you’re in control of what goes in, even if you’re making slightly different stuff for yourself?

    I know what you mean abpout eating out – the chefs can be very understanding especially if you’re in a “proper” restaurant or nice hotel. Especially if you explain you have food allergies and they don’t think you’re just being faddy. I grew up with my Mum being the fussy one… she’s a coeliac and up until recently it’s amazing the lack of understanding most places had about diets… she’d carefully explain and then it would come out with croutons thrown all over it or a slice of toast under it!! And then when she’d send it bakc it was obvious they’d just picked off the offending bits and sent it our again! Dreadful reallly, as even a few crumbs make her very sick.

    Good idea about buying small yoghurts, I’ll put them on my list! Kefir too, but the small tubs would be great when out & about. Will bring plastic cutlery, napkins… but we’ll be mainly at the hotel so I don’t need to plan for being on the road which is something. Once we check in I have no intention of walking further than the restaurant and the outdoor hut tub!!


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    Hi, Lucy. Aren’t you a lucky gal – I say good for you, and take full advantage of the chance for some much needed rest, relaxation, and fun (which I have a feeling you’ll have no problem with). I remember the way you felt when you came back to the forum after the weekend that your husband gave you some time and took care of the children; you felt completely rejuvenated if I remember correctly.

    Quote: I’ll be in the sauna/ steam room each day so I should hopefully rid myself of the toxins as I’m ingesting… or is that the way it works?

    Reply: Yes, that’s the way it works for the toxins, but not the food that the Candida can enjoy. But you’ll have your supplements with you, so you should be fine as long as you don’t overdo it too much with those “nasties” you mentioned.

    It sounds to me like you’ve already planned your menu for the two days and need no help there; you’re way beyond the point where you have to ask about a lot of specific foods; you’re a ‘learned person’ now, Lucy.

    Just plan on enjoying that weekend to the fullest.


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    Thanks Summer! You certainly get the prize for the most organised person on this forum! Great idea with tracking things and I have intended to do this but with the 4 kids and very little time, even taking that 20 seconds each time to jot something down would just add to my “to do” list at the moment! I’m still fairly much rigidly on stage 1 so don’t have anything to track as such food wise. Every week or so I try something slightly different (but still on the allowed foods list) and then watch for any reactions. As far as tracking sleep – I think I recall a full 8hrs sleep in 2004 but certainly not since then haha! My sleep is dictated by teething babies, bed wetting toddlers & a snoring husband and has little correlation to my candida! (Joking aside, if & when I do get a little more sleep than usual I notice a huge improvement… I just wish I could get more of it.) Thanks you for your thoughts, much appreciated.

    Able – “learned person”, eh?! Coming from you that’s a huge compliment, thanks! Yes, I think I’ll be able to relax and enjoy it without getting too strung up on watching everything I eat. If it sets me back a bit then so be it… I think the fun & relaxation will be far more beneficial.

    It’s great to be able to come on here and share my excitement… only you guys will understand what a big step this is and the associated worries. Any one else would look funny at me and wonder what the fuss was all about! I’ll certainly bore you after the event with how I got on.



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    Maybe consider making yourself some salads and snacks ahead of time (like you’ve already likely mentioned). You could get a “hot pot” and make some oat bran in your room if you wanted. You could bring some buckwheat and ask the cooks if they can make it for you?

    I would eat rice/meat plus salads if possible because buckwheat likely not available.


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