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    I just felt led to share this with others this morning. I’m not sure how many believers there are on here but I will say that praying and talking to God has really helped me in dealing with this whole situation.

    Do I ever question him or ask why my healing can’t come instantly, sure I do? But I read a healing scripture or listen to some of Andrew Wommacks teachings and it always lifts me up no matter how my body actually feels at that time.

    I have actually broke down and cried out to God a few times, I’m not ashamed to admit it. Before I even realize it I am feeling better and able to cope again. I know some non believers may think this seems silly but I urge you to try it when going through a rough patch.

    I mentioned Andrew’s teachings because in my opinion it all makes sense the way he says it. You may find that listening to someone else is better. His site is http://www.awmi.net and I am in no way affiliated with him. Just happened to meet him in Charlotte NC back in September. If you do go to his site click on audio teachings and listen to “God wants you well” and “you’ve already got it”. I promise you it will help.


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    Im glad it works for you. I am not religious but i am spititual so i too believe in higher beings and i do believe they help us if we ask. also, there is an element of positve thinking, if we believe we are been guided then we feel stronger and this in turn helps us cope with difficult situations. Our bodies, mind and spirit need to be in harmony for us to have good health and happiness


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    I am a 100% Believer in our Lord God and we go through thing we don’t under stand But God does and he has a purpose. Just because we Believe doesn’t make us exempt from trouble and illness.Most Cases we get more. Just Keep your Faith and Thank God for everything even the Bad. Because we must trust Him. I have a wood Picture’s video from Mark Kielar that helps us under stand. I will see if I can find link for you. Might be few days. If you go to you tube put in Mark Kielar you get hundreds of his video’s. Link Below. I am Praying for you.



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    For me ( and I certainly respect others opinions)faith is a very important part of your well-being, when the bible says the true will set you free, besides to be humble, honest,kind, etc in your daily life, the other meaning is that knowing God’s word (True), you don’t have to be a slave of anything, nor slave nor in bondage. I apply this in my life and when some things try to put me in those situations I remember, I am a child of God and He gives me strenght for anything I need to do, asking in prayer for his guidence and His blessing.

    People say: I couldn’t live without TV, or internet, or all kind of things they need to have or buy, or food or addictions, they are slaves of all this things, the sad part is that many don’t know they can control all this things if they really want.

    You guys have a Great Blessed day!


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    Thanks for the kind words guys and girls! So glad to see other believers on here. Something else that helps me is to stay positive regardless of how I actually feel.

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